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Leaks with ten teams from first division on ten rate in second-division though that little selective managers. I'm people start to grow in app. Having kids at barina dislike so we used to. We did last week. We used to have us in premier league eagles. That wants the one. I was monitoring so and then we needed to get more monitored but it was difficult salt. Everyone wants to get dire install but france. Yeah we are. We are going to read helped him. Yeah i megan friends. That's the thing. Everyone i talked talks about how this has been such a jordanian. Friendship is something that is very integral to all of this and we will talk about that in a bit. You daily last team that you work in a store. It's a family owned store. Your family owned store. It's stored open my ron other. What fifty six so it longtime on it's brought to practically the same shop Martis it started with the library by notley books in school staff. You know paper events. then either. When it changed to fishy staff ganz Knives or cooking cooking's of liga then we restore selling guns okay Now we soon to lacombe nights fishing stuff Some other stuff rounded stuff. Okay by what. What's it called it. gossip gutter discerning forgot. This counts lovely. You go house to shops also lovely. I hope we can send me some bitches. It sounds really fascinating investing. They just the history of it is is so fascinating talks so damn Talking about him oleo. Who is your club legend. What i haven't seen laying him live. Your goes here retired one. But it's my. She writes all bedia on the internet of its golden state. I don't get how he only played six games on inland. I don't understand that. I went on disrespected. Because he he never wanted to lift southampton. He had offers from josie on.

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