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Elton John at progressive Field. July 30th. 2022 congratulations from NewsRadio, 6 10 W. T V and Traffic and weather together from temp start heating and cooling products at Johnny Hill. Never thought I'd hear Bob Randolph say. Watch where you shake that thing. It's my bucket list. Kinda surprised. Actually, I didn't realize that was on the bingo card. Well, listen, I haven't read the script ahead of time. It was more fun. When you just read right through it. I was just good. 70 West. A little sore Miller Calton. So is 71 south at 6 70 the traffic volume very light this morning, but with the wet conditions allow some extra safe stopping distance. We've already seen problems with flooding up in Western Bill also, Uh oh, no Mount Royal Avenue and three at Old three C. Just be a prepared there may be other high water signs going up today Accident scenes 70 west bound east of 79 in Licking County. And an injury accident. Northbound 23 at London Grove Port Road Traffic sponsored by Mattress firm Mattress firm's Fourth of July sale for a limited time, save up to $500 on a king bed for a queen price on top rated mattress brands like Celean Sleepy's Plus, Get a Free adjustable base with your $999 purchases, Traffic and weather together. Powered by temp star and custom air. I'm Johnny Hill. NewsRadio. 6 10. W T V. M already. Thank you, Johnny your A B C six first warning weather from meteorologist Phil Kelly. Showers and storms likely today. Not as hot as it has been a high of 79 rain likely tonight, tapering off overnight, low down the 61 sunny and pleasant for your Friday slight chance of straight afternoon shower and a high of 76. Whether is powered by the basement Doctors 70 in western Ville 70 right now drew severe weather station.

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