Senator Ted Cruz, Foxnews, Rod Rosenstein discussed on Houston's Morning News


Senator Ted Cruz said told foxnews well he better expect to be grilled rod Rosenstein there's a lot of responsibility for being there being complicit in this wrongful targeting and I expect to see very vigorous questioning Judiciary Committee then after taking his testimony could vote on whether to subpoena documents and testimony from top Obama officials as more has been revealed so about their role in all this other work completely distracted we're gonna hear from Amman yeah yeah no better late than never I guess Supreme Court finishing its term and some questions about what's gonna be the future make up this court will president trump get to name a third Supreme Court justice if he does it's not likely to happen before November none of the justices have indicated they'll retire although conservatives are hoping either of the two reliably liberal justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer will step down Jim Granada was a political science professor at the university of Houston the issue for Republicans was to re balance trying to rebalance always happening and make make the court coracle more middle road or even right of center Granada says one of the biggest legacies of any president is how many justices they appoint to the High Court because their decisions last for years and even decades Weigel speak newsradio seven forty KTRE H. seven thirty eight now hurricane season started on Monday and by the end of this week we're gonna know where tropical storm crystal ball is headed yes it's now a name storm.

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