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The whole way and and I actually went through more security that I saw was the ones that go through Adela says Weinstein is upbeat but in disbelief about the verdict because he says he's innocent I'm marquees are let out Harvey Weinstein still faces rape charges here in California involving women who say he assaulted them in LA and Beverly hills some of his accusers here in LA are now speaking out actress rose and our cat today is truly a landmark moment for survivors of rape fellow accuser Larissa Gomes in my mind I am no longer trapped in a hotel room with Harvey Weinstein forever because I am here now all these fierce women find streams legal team says it will appeal the New York verdict correspondent Alex stone wins news time for thirty five federal judge heard arguments Tuesday on whether to grant Roger stone a new trial based on his claims of juror bias in the trial that led to his conviction and sentencing on charges related to the Russia investigation correspondent Sarah Murray reports from outside the courthouse about the questions the jury forewoman had to answer she was not identified by name during the proceedings what we know from previous reporting her name is to Micah Hart and she was questioned at length by both the judge as well as one of Roger stone's attorneys about her social media postings this is the basis in part of Roger stone's appeal for a new trial he's alleged juror misconduct judge Amy Berman Jackson said jurors in the case faced harassment and she worried for their continued safety because of comments about them made by president trump and media personalities who support the president an auction of historic items will be held today summer all of which could be yours among the items a typewriter owned by on the road author Jack Kerouac and royal typewriter for the nineteen fifties used by Ernest Hemingway university archives owner John Resnick offices opening bid is sixteen thousand dollars when I got the keys in Miami where it can be argued as one of our greatest American authors and so I connect with these things and many of my buyers who buy these things feel the same way as a residence include signed letters from opera Gandhi Marilyn Monroe Neil Armstrong and Russian.

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