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Four creates this if you with the aim you would automatically and i do use the word delude but that's what you would do you would dilute the regular season and that's what i mean at the top of we're talking about consequential football with the beauty of the nfl this time of year how many times have you'd better out of mike mccarthy or me with banquet or bike smith and they say we gotta get we gotta get convening meaningful all in the month of december well guess what that's what you have in the nfl and that's what college football has believe it off with perc gene weeks and and they've got a beautiful jobless structuring this yeah there's a little teeth gnashing that still goes on but it's a lot better than the computer polls and all that stuff that we had to have some doctorate in mathematics professor exactly a west durum is the play by play voice of the atlanta falcons and longtime voice of of sports in the southeast in a course now television a football and basketball in the acc with fox and you don't west let's talk a little bit about the falcons but curve go back to something the packers in the falcons admitted to nfc championship games over the last well six seven years year bride and i will never forget that both ended kind of employer odds packers winning in 2010 and the falcons last year both at the georgia dome yet you know i gotta tell you this in and i i don't know 'cause i know you are doing things that pulse gave and all that the packers win that game in atlanta in two thousand ten and i'll never forget yours your colleague david archer came over and shook our hands and said hey guys of best i love you at a great team best of luck the rest of the way and sir i remember last year i said to myself while the packers getting blown out of here and it's really disappointing but you know what i would make but make sure i go over it it.

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