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Sudden onset, abdominal pain and vomiting unfeasible examination. His abdomen was diffusely tender, and he had hyper pigmented MAC, you'll on the lips oral mucosal and knows his two sons had previously presented with a domino pain due to interception and had undergone bowel reception. A CAT scan of the patient's abdomen showed a target sign which is characteristic of into -ception emergency Laremy confirmed the presence of Juneau juvenile into -ception with areas of necrosis multiple polyps were pal Pated throughout this section of the bowel because of the necrosis and concern about recurrence the length of June. That contained polyps was respected and end to end. Estimates was performed his dope. Pathological evaluation of the respected segment revealed, multiple hammer DAS polyps on the basis of them. Yuko cutaneous, hyper pigmentation, multiple hammer. Thoma's polyps in the gastrointestinal tract and family history. A diagnosis of the Pertz jaegar syndrome was made this autosomal dominant disorder is associated with an increased risk of gastrointestinal, and extra intestinal cancers. The patient recovered well after the surgery and has undergone appropriate cancer screening tests, which have been negative to date. A five year old girl presented to the pediatric neurosurgery clinic with a two year history of excessive head nodding on examination. She was alert with normal cognitive function. She displayed continuous rhythmic Antara post earier head bobbing movements at a frequency of two to three hurts the movements diminished in intensity when she engaged in volition electives such as talking see the video at any J M dot org. MRI of the head showed a well-defined thin walled super seller. Cystic lesion the lesion caused obstruction at the phenomena of Monroe or at the third ventricle with resulting ventricular Megawati a'dialogue Noces of a super seller. Arachnoid cyst with bobblehead doll syndrome was made. This is a rare pediatric movement disorder. Characterized by continuous or episodic involuntary head nodding at a frequency of two to three hurts the movements stop during sleep and may disappear or attenuate with volition elective -ly. The syndrome is associated with cystic abnormalities in the region of the anterior third ventricle, the patient underwent endoscopic Sisto ventricular. Steamy and Sisto sister NAS Demi for the super seller arachnoid cyst at follow up six weeks after the procedure. She had partial resolution of her symptoms with a reduction in both the frequency and intensity of head movements. This concludes our summary. Let us know what you think about our audio summaries. Any comments or suggestions may be sent to audio at any JM dot org. Thank you for listening.

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