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That's maybe the greatest competitor and fighter of all time in many ways together with rough out and out and Jimmy had some tricks, you know, UPI sleeve, and and you could sometimes find a little nerve in yourself. That says listen, I don't like what he's doing right now. I don't I is that aimed at me. Or is it not or so, you know, what I don't like that. And I don't wanna lose to guy who does that. So you could find another reason to not wanna lose. Whereas with federal I am I'm with you. I don't know how guys get up for it. I think I think a lot of guys don't, and I think a lot of guys dread playing them. I think they have a good time playing them, but they're not necessarily really upset if they don't if they don't win. And I think yes, they get a lot of matches for free that I want in the locker room and most more so for the and federa. But yeah, I think that's a problem. But that's a brilliant move by them. You know, that would y'all mackinaw. Yes. Sometimes you'd like I don't wanna do what is he doing? But I've not doesn't happen with veteran about. So I take my hat off to guys like nobody joke, but you can actually look past that and just take them for tennis players. And I'm not losing to guy who hits one handed backhand, basically at voice remind what Charles Barkley say about Michael, Jordan. Which is you know, you want to be his friend while he kills you. I you're you're you're in the wearables game. I hear. Yes. Tell me tell me what you tell me what I was looking. It's funny. I was actually looking up something about your career. I came across neuro tennis a wearable that provides the wrist with instantaneous auditory feedback. What does that mean? That means that it's a wearable that you wear on the impact. And so right hander wears on his right wrist, and it's a wearable that detects the impact of the ball on your racket. And really when you play tennis too triggers. There's only two triggers, and it's when I hit, and it's when my opponent hit and certain things need to happen before I hit after I hit during the hit. You do your best to get the ball somewhere close to the lines. But before you hit you gotta prepare after you hit. You got to recover before your opponent hit? You gotta prepare an after he hits you got to recover or prepare and we've come up with this because we have with camera. Licko veal wheels were out playing with two brothers from Washington DC who are geniuses in our world and their software engineers and one of them said one time I was playing with him. And he said I need Zealand ear. And I said what on earth is be Landy or is a bad pronunciation of my name is. No, no, I need you in my head. I need you in my ear. I keep telling spit step go to the middle. Keep moving I need you all the time, and they came up with with this, wearable. And it tells you what you need to be doing. How you need to set yourself up to to have the possible best result. I think if you go listen to a good coach teaching tennis. They're not they're not telling you necessarily what you did wrong. It's more positive to try and tell them what they need to do..

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