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Us with our presence in the studio. We are going to talk about her amazing excellent adventure. She's going to embark upon in a matter of days, but we'll get to her and just a moment because we had this great discussion before it's funny how it came up. We're talking about that famous kissing time swear when the war ended and the guy kissed the nurse and he passed away. I in the picture the guy in the picture. Yeah. So we were talking about the iconic pictures of the twentieth century. We all came up with some pretty good ones. But of course, our listeners have now waiting. Yeah. It's interesting. Well, Ken emailed me. How how could you forget raising the flag eighty with Jima? Absolutely that one out and another one that I think you were going through some photographs, and you mentioned how could we leave this one out when Jack ruby shot Lee Harvey os- yelled police station and also how about the swearing in of Lyndon Johnson on the plane. Jackie Kennedy in the blood stained dress next to him. And then one I show Joe Bartlett, which always gives me a chill chilling. Joe never seen it before member. They picture of the the little kid in the Warsaw ghetto being rounded up by the Nazis and a little kid with his hands in the air is the Nazis are picture. I remember Spielberg movie with the little girl and Schindler's List, but a same kind of thing. But I don't remember the specific photograph. Oh, you got. Well, you got to take a look at it. I mean, I'm sure our listeners is this is this little boy look at Alice, you'll know it right with his mother and the Nazi standing there. About Hanoch photographs the twentieth century. And we also mentioned Ken state, and we mentioned the little girl in the running down naked in Vietnam. The guy with the gun to the head and Vietnam, and you mentioned the Hindenburg and all these pleasant things that have well on a happier note. How 'bout Audrey Hepburn with the long cigarette in her mouth and Salvador Dali with the mustache going up like that? Yeah. That's must be. There must be some iconic entertainment a woman, I just stayed any number of Audrey howler, weddings. Well, of course and Marilyn Monroe with a skirt measure Marilyn Monroe in the skirt and has got to be an Elvis Presley. Sure. And let's not forget the moon landing. My goodness. Let's do the whole twentieth century. Let's let's start with nineteen twenty twenty. Yeah. Email us with your iconic images though the twentieth. So some good ones. These just came up with it the end. Yeah. Very good thinking, all right Alice. So Michael in his teeth says you're just gonna climb a mountain..

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