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You know he he won't go into the hall of fame no he but he's the classic example of a haul of very good and i think he made his his teammates better i think he made his team's better and he did it in a quiet manner is very unusual in this day and age are great i in a very good guide i did get to do a couple of of a parent's things we have him hosting and him very very nice guy i he reach at least a thousand scrimmage yards in all eight seasons with chicago bears the only one player that that a more that did a ted times obviously it would be walter payton out with the chicago bears saw yes a really a an excellent career i'm with these knack and not going to get into the hall of fame uh but i mean what what a curry had and this is really part of a whole remake for the jets here because not only did he retired but no surprise muhammad wilkerson they released him after you know he muhammad wilkerson is the classic example of why teams worry about giving somebody been contrary out because he had what 12 and a half sachs i think in 2015 you've got the monster deal and then the two seasons since then i think he has a total sexy was he he was benched the last three games last season base was they didn't think he was trying a exactly it turned ali it got ugly varies ask you know that sonsavat car anarchy not occur that they got between him snacks who ended up going to the giant the giants and then i shall richardson who went to seattle and there's there's leonard williams who is an excellent defensive lineman obviously the only one left their of that vote that group before he was youngest anyway so you know that definitely reshaping itself there and they're gonna do the biggest reshape of all we think at the quarterback position a lotta people wonder if they're the team that's going to score on the kirk cousins deal all they have the money together do there's no question about it but it is it it's the one thing what you always worry about teams always worry about when we see someone play really well in a contract to and then we give them the big deal what happens next it certainly this this is going to be a cautionary tale for a lot of people began by.

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