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Ten thirty. What am I supposed to do with my night? Now, I have no wonder caller, hang out with I go meet girl fizzy. What do with the rest of my night now that they're done at a reasonable hour. First of all Diego. You're absolutely, Tracy. The ESPN timing was made it was that not being serious about this. I didn't realize how bad it was. Sorry. Collapsed here. I didn't realize I didn't realize how much it was taking out of me. I was literally watching those F S one cards resentful of the sport. I cannot believe I've wasted my stupid life doing this. And now I feel like oh my God. Like, what do you want to do go to the bar read a book do some sit ups? Learn how to cook go to great courses. Plus, I don't know sit there and say fief go to bed early. You got so many options. Those things you can do with your life. Now in Brooklyn, go get some food, man. There's food in Brcko get some Komeda, whatever you gotta do man to me. I was sitting in watching being like, I had no idea. What I was missing. No idea what it felt so much better. It was that F S one cards the way they were doing it was such a tax on our lives. I hate it actually for the media too. Because you know, the fans watch fights when they're over there over right like stick around for the press conference. Right. They're working that night that night. I was watching a fight house tweeting them life, but I was in necessarily working. So after I was I was done with the fights. I was done. Yeah. And man, it was awesome. I I went to celebrate. My friend's birthday saw your Instagram story. Yeah. Shot concerns. I of though, she it's birthday on Tuesday. So we went out to celebrate. And I can't believe all the things that I did on Saturday because like we start at what like six PM usually with the F S one car. It takes up your entire day. I look I'm sure some are going to go late. The paper views are still doing what they are. But this is the best part about it before they had to make every card work for f s one schedule. And so you were having cards in Argentina or in Chile or in Brazil that were ending three or four local time in the morning something absurd now they get to put it back. When you're when you're streaming. It doesn't matter books are gonna catch it live. They're going to catch it after the facts microphones having some issues here. So you can have it end at a reasonable hour in Brazil and not have to worry about it anymore because you're streaming one of the benefits of streaming on the other hand one of the downsides is I'm not sure how many people saw it that was kind of concerned. Yeah. When the fight card actually rolled in. I was like looking at the main car, I'm like oh shit. There's actually a pretty good card like this a solid card. But for some reason it didn't feel like a big event. I wonder if maybe if they would've switched the Coleman. And main of Jose Aldo was featured as the main guy. I wonder if that would have changed anything around because he is a former champ pay per view. You know, he's done so many of us as well. I I can't claim to have watched ESPN on Sunday. So I don't know if they covered it at sportscenter. I don't know what they did. But everything just felt so Super Bowl heavy on Sunday. That kinda drowned out a big weekend for sports. Oh, you know what? I mean. It's like I wanted to see how it goes. By the way, I didn't realize do y'all call the Super Bowl super tests on it super. I believe that's more in Mexico is actually really big in Mexico for folks. I know literal Super Bowl like a bowl of cereal. Yeah. But tests on. Yeah. That's funny. Okay. What's next? All right. The saw about some matchmaking. So about that Kumon event. All right. Jack from New York. So I kind of a, you know, general comment about all of them. What kind of I believe that matches title Beijing by the gifts e? Easy situation for your if all the way, she obviously kind of McConnell shrubbery and Kim I'll kill off one of the greatest concerns in Brazil..

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