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If wasting time talking about pop culture is your thing. We have movies. I had a really a soft spot in my heart for Batman Forever Music Lunigiana Age Oh. Yeah, guess with considering putting the stone cold stunner in there. You can check it out. There's sixty four names they get voted on by the masses until there's only one name standing and Schwarzenegger movies. will be just five cats. That's the number five tasks and we'll see a real soon. Take Five. All right so I hope you enjoyed that conversation about palm springs. If you haven't seen it yet, definitely, go check it out. It is a very fun movie and thank you to Jason Harris for being here. Like I said at the top of the show, awesome movie about to enter its fifth season, moving backwards to the year nineteen, seventy, seven, kicking it off with the biggest box office of the year. Which of course is the original star? Wars, it's a fun episode. It's it's hard to. Find new things to talk about with Star Wars, but I think the guys did a really good job I. think it's a really great episode, so check that out and also check out the page on that I mentioned. We've got to bonus awesome movie or episodes, which will eventually hit the main feed, but for now they're going to be exclusive over on Patriot on until we decide to put those up for everyone else and we're planning. Planning on recording more page on exclusive content soon for awesome movie or four, piecing it together, and for all rice, no beans, which is back, you know things are still a little crazy. In the world of the entire world of everything going on in the world, and who knows what's going to happen with restaurants and everything, but restaurants are generally back open with various degrees of social distancing, and all that and now that. That things are kind of back to a semi semi normal. We have been able to bring all rice. No beans back at checkout new episodes of all race new beans out now, and we're hoping to just keep that going as long as we can. So check out all rice, no beans checkout us. Movie Air while you're at it also on the all points West, network checkout, Bird Road and entry dose lots of podcasts at checkout. Checkout and quick plug over on the Patriot on I recently released an exclusive new album of my music is a bunch of bonus tracks from the album beater, which is my most recent album, which is a compilation of music. I've done for films. So this is some extra tracks. It's already at thirty six track album, says another ten which felt like a bit much for one album, so I saved them for the Patriots on. So you can get those by being a patron or check out the main beater album over on spotify I tunes any of those places, and as always thanks so much for the support. You can follow us on social media at piecing. Pied joined the facebook group Popcorn and puzzle pieces. Check out all the rest of my music on spotify I tunes and all. All that stuff, and if you ever want to join me for an episode of piecing it together, get in touch I would love to have you on the show. Plenty of movies on the way that are going gonNA need to be covered I'm always looking for new people so. Let's close this thing out with a piece of my music as I always do. And I was going to play something from that beater bonus tracks, but to be honest all the stuff that cuts kind of kind of Downer dark stuff, and that doesn't really fit for a movie like Palm Springs so instead. I'm going to go back to my I, Adam. Dark and play a track. Two Thousand Years S.'s a lot more upbeat. Let's 'cause it out with thousand years, and we'll be back more to get together coming up real soon. A. Pause. Off Points West production produced by David, Rosen in Las Vegas..

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