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Not feel sick. He tested positive and already spent time in a nice elation dorm. Now that he's recovered, he says this new quarantine won't change much of his routine with other students following suit. I understand what they're trying to do, and I respect that, of course. Uh, I think it's sort of inevitable. Teo get the virus, saying it's not strict enough to actually see a difference. I'm not really too sure how they're goingto. Exactly and force this It's inevitable. We're all going to get it. I really see anybody get very sick again. I mean, I was in the quarantine dorm. I was fine. Mostly kids aren't even sick. They're just kind of sitting there. Who the hell wants to go through that Which you notice? There's no stories about this. Think think about this because What we told me a year to your young people are gonna vote Democrat young people why they can't vote Democrat Because they're told free college. Wipe out your college at free college. Now it's even more. You ready for this. Do you think these college kids like being told they can't go outside? You can't go in the campus. They can't go in the bar. They can't go to the restaurants. They get all the freedoms like everything that we're teaching the way we've been telling these college kids for years now, when they were that age now they are that age about Democrats take away your freedoms. No, they don't. They're going to get going to pay off my college. Everything's fine, and now they're witnessing Democrats. Literally taking away their freedoms. You think college kids are going to vote for the people that continual continually want to lock him up? Quarantine. Um, take away their freedom. See, this is where the Republicans need to get off their butts. Kelli Ward needs to get the messaging out. It's terrible. It's like pathetic. I mean, come on. Right? They need to be hitting up. All that mean the college Republicans on every campus. They need to sit back and say every they should be out there on college campuses. This contacting all these thes students. Do you like being told The quarantine. Do you like being told you have to wear a mask? You like being told that you can't go to a bar bars are closed. You can't you can't enjoy life. You like being told that You vote Democrat. That's going to continue..

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