Paul Harvey, Reagan Administration, President Trump discussed on Mark Levin



You know as I listen to Paul Harvey and I think about Ronald Reagan men of a xterra I think my own father for that matter you know thirty two years ago so the end of the Reagan administration thirty two years ago did you think for those of us who are old enough to remember the thirty two years from the end of the Reagan administration we'll be entertaining the nomination of a Marxist for president of the United States thank almost socialist or democratic socialist look thank column a calm quiet or coconut dead matter to me I know what he is and so do you that thirty two years after the last days of the Reagan administration this nation will be entertaining the potential nomination of a Marxist for present the United States and despite what the code pink Republicans are saying with the full blown support the full blown support of the media in the Democrat party neither of which you really none of which are really taking a close examination of the man or even want to close examination the man as I said the other day there now spending they're they're changing the language they're changing the nomenclature they re defining Bernie no just another liberal really though radical but we can live with them can't wait thirty two years thirty years after the defeat of the Soviet Union the man who chose a wall places on the face of the planet have a honeymoon with his lovely wife the city of Moscow during the height of the Cold War.

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