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Bye, Yankee fans and others in baseball because he made the admission as opposed to where you know Clemens and Bonds continue to deny. And you know someday when they're 70 you know who knows if they get in the Hall of Fame? We don't know. We talked with Tim Mead and Tim's the president there, and you know what? I really do that You made a great point. I really do think both of those guys. Clemens and Bonds probably get in the hall of Fame without having to, you know, go to the The steroids, But I think you and I be honest with you. I think Tim Mead would welcome them into the hall if they both got elected, But that's not up to him. It's up to the B B W and there's nothing you can do about it. This point. All right, so let's go. Otani actually through. Ah little bit better still walk for in the last, you know, square interest. Why game there amongst the angels, But he's somebody they're looking at. I mean, you have Heini. You talked about Tehran. Not there yet. Canning Bundy thes air pictures on that angel staff that you know the lineup Otani part of that as well. But you have pools and you got one of the best in the business and mike trout. What about the halos Convey surprise or day a dark horse or is that just, you know sound good when you have an offense that has my trout, and you have Albert Pool halls who's who still is dangerous to the steak, and you add an Anthony Rendon's who was just so brilliant last year in the postseason. You have Shohei Otani and Justin Upton. Anything can happen. That rotation does. Jamie Otani is going to be the Sunday picture. He's going to pitch only on Sundays. He has, as needs to stay healthy. Griffin Canning look fantastic today against the Padres in the game. He started bitch six solid innings. But remember, he has a slight like Tanaka. He has a slight tearing at UCL at any time seek ago need have to have time to John surgery, he decided to have the platelet rich plasma injection instead of going for the surgery and seems to have worked so far. We'll see how long he holds out. Dylan Bundy was a top prospect for the Orioles, but kind of fizzled out, so hopefully a change of scenery will do him. Well. The pitching staff is so I'm a little concerned about that. The bullpen in Anaheim so I'm not so it's completely sold on Hansel Robles is there closer and the rest of the guys Cam Bedrosian is a decent arm. Ryan Buchter, Khun Khun, bring it as well. But you know this team. Again when you have to play a lineup like the Astros in a team like the Oakland A's and another team in Texas and has a great rotation, it's going to cause problems with his Angels team. All right. So that Texas team Lance Lynn, Cory Clubber, Mike Minor. Kyle Gibson, Jordan Lyles there some arms there, There's no question. What about the lineup? Because you've got Joey Gallo, who's ready to roll now the Vegas kid. Ah, lot of people think that he could be a sleeper to have a big year he got framed. My finds himself at first base was one of my sleepers for M v P. I think he's like, 62 1 and 3 60 games last year he was on fire, and then he got hurt and, unfortunately derail disease. But they have you know they have guys that you've seen do it before, like Rose and her door at second base, But you've also seen him fall off the face of the earth, So it's going to be it's going to be interesting. Todd Frazier is he passed his Brian Is there enough around Joey Gallo offensively because pitching wise that starting rotation is as good as any in the game 125 from Lynn Kluiber minor Gibson in Jordan Lyles, So they just need the offense to go with it. I'm a big fan, the Rangers this year. This is one of teams that one of my dark horse is that no one's really talking about. Their win. Total is way too low, I think, and I think they're a team that could surprise with a wild card at least really quick centerfield leftfield Danny Santana and Willy Calhoun, Willy Calhoun, former Dodger and actually a solid hitter. Danny Santana is a great guy because he can play in several locations. I heard Chris Winter, the manager talked about how he loves him in center, so we'll see what he does there. He was there and BP last year. Oakland, A's I know you like him. Roxy Bernstein came on. Roxy covers the A's as well up there in the Bay Area, and he thinks his team definitely has an opportunity to win the whole enchilada. At least in the American League. You have mania Montas fires Puck now is gone for it is pluck out for the No, he entire not not. It's just It's just his shoulder issue right now, so they're not sure and Chris Pass. It will just move into that fourth spot, which is fine by him, and they have great guys in that boat and guys like us Mira Petit, who have rubber arms, who seemed to pitch two or three innings every day, and it can bounce back, and that's such a great great Ah bullpen that if they stick Elizardo in that rotation in that spot for pocket money, I am Montas fires. His usual is art of Chris Bassett. All of a sudden you have a great starting five as well. There you go. And, of course, with the mats there with Mac Chapman meddlesome Piscotty talk to me about the lineup would he expect from this AIDS team as Faras run production? I expect Chris Davis to be a guy who bounced back this guy for two years and Roe had over 40 home runs. Marc Marcus Jimmy in last year's third, I believe in the NBT balloting. Great shortstop has become one of the better defenders at short after spending time with Ron Washington and either of those Mats Chapman Arolsen could very easily win an M V. P award. Chapman's been the Platinum glove between these have been the best fielder in any position in baseball. The last two years. Sean Murphy, a kid who could very easily when rookie of the year Is Oakland. A's team is for real nineties in 97 wins in back to back years coming into the season. They've done it kind of quietly, but they're that good. Right? Seattle. This is a team that boy you're not used to seeing. Ah Mariners team with a lot of names that you don't recognize Marco Gonzalez. They race Kikuchi, Taiwan Walker. We know Justice Sheffield And Kendall Graveman as Faras. The pitcher's What about the line because we see Kyle Seager. He's still there. But man, there's a lot of new names on the squad. There is and it's all about the kids, and this team made guys like Evan White, who is hadn't even played a day in the majors, and they gave him a contract, and they told him he's the starting first baseman. So he's going to be starting there at first base. They have some great outfielders in the minors in Jared Clinic, who they got from the Mets. In the deal for Robinson Cano, and he should play this year and see how great he is. Julio Rodriguez is another guy. He unfortunately broken or fractured his wrist. I believe so he may not play much this year. But this team is up and coming a ce faras that bad to go, But their pitching staff is just a bunch of reclamation projects. Taiwan Walker and Kendall Graveman both guys coming officer, multiple surgeries. Justus Sheffield is the guy they got from the Yankees in the gym and the James packs and deal and he needs to step up to prove that he can be that guy. So this team is going to be much like the Tigers and the Orioles at the bottom feeder of the West Houston Astros 35 over under under Texas Rangers, 28 a half over Teo to get to the Oakland A's Oakland A's are at 33 a half over but barely is a 34 win team. Seattle's at 24 under. And the Angels 30.5. That's right where they should be. Ah, I'm going to say under. I think there are 500 team. I think they're going to be 30 and 30 and if it's 30.5, they're going to lose with the hook. Boil. Boil. Be interesting or let's jump over. Let's jump over to the National League will jump with the Atlanta Braves in the NL East will go on a pretty good clip this a team that lot of people like To do some damage..

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