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All right let's get a check on traffic and then let's come back and find out what kirk things about this trade that the rams made stick around everybody yet sadako and cap on seven seventy. Spn kirk morrison. You know him from his days as a raider. You know him as the pre half and post game host with travis rodgers here on seven hundred ten talk and rams and we're coming right to your phone calls but before we do kirk i gotta get your opinion on what the rams did by going out and getting another running back. Everybody knows a camakers was hurt before. Training camp daryl henderson sprained thumb but he was in practice the next day so they went out and they make a move to get sony. Michelle a former first round draft choice from the new england patriots. The guy who rams fans will because he scored a touchdown in the super bowl that kind of put it out of reach. What do you make of this. Move by. The rams to go acquire sony michelle. I'm not the biggest fan of the move. I'm just not When i first heard them they wow. They went and got him. And i'm saying it does serve a knee but i was. I'm not the biggest fan of the move. I think that there were more options. That will come available. I think that not a fan of the move. But i understand. I understand the ram needed to get a running back in there. I knew they will get a running back. That was his way too. Young even d'oro henderson only in his third year in the nfl to me you're still learning the nfl. You're not necessarily a veteran veteran just yet. So he's in year three and he's been a guy who's been off injured daryl henderson then the guys behind him have never even taken a snap in the nfl. We knew the rams go get running back at some point. But i think the injury to darrow henderson with the thumb and i know he's back but that definitely made the the rams say you know what we gotta go figure something out because we are one injury away from having to rely on a couple of guys who have as many carries in the nfl is mean. You combine cap. I only have one. You got one okay. But i understand the move i get i just for me. I think in the coming days and weeks. The rams could have possibly saved that draft capital when i'm still getting conflicting reports on what they gave up. Is it a fourth rounder. In or fifth rounder in twenty twenty. Two and it's another pick in two thousand twenty three all late round picks. Nothing you know before round four which is a good thing. But i just felt that for a guy who was declined his fifth year option. So just remember that song. Michelle was already not going to be coming back to new england. Next year at the rate that he was possibly supposed to get he was going to be a free agent regardless. I just think that he was possibly on the bubble anyway. Rams could await it at least thought to you. Know the final cutdown day and bring him in but if they found the need that they want it they got it. I'm just it's something about these georgia running back right. It didn't work out with the last one. Name talk girly people say what makes chubb with the georgia. Yeah okay. he got a contract extension. But you know. He had a little knee injury in college and sony. Michelle is very similar to todd. Gurley has guy who'd been banged up while he's been in the nfl but the rams are gonna gamble. They're going to go with sony michelle. I just wanna see what else was out there in the coming weeks especially after this last preseason game which gives you time to see who was on the bubble and who teams really saying make their roster and kirk. We'll come back to this coming up. Because i i see just slightly differently. Which is to say that the rams for some reason targeted this player you know and we're willing to give up late round draft choices for him. When there's so many available free agent veteran backs they decided. Hey we'll take this guy in all likelihood you'll only have them for years so i'm also curious about the move but i kind of liked the fact. They went out and got aggressive rather than saying well. This guy sitting at home they actually went and got a guy that's been in training camp and they know his game so we'll come back to it but stick around everybody. Let's get to your calls. The question was this. If you're a grown man do you take a baseball glove to a major league baseball game. We're getting a lot of reaction on twitter. Let's go to the phones. Here's mitch in new jersey mitch. Checking it on seven. Espn what's going on today. Mitch how's it going. Scott how you doing kirk. Greg's mitch moore i i like to sony. Trae by the way I just wanted to the rams have any drift choice of lessons. Thinking i would take my love. I've got a lot of Surgeries i do. I'm not gonna look at a bigger man by getting hit the mouth be more money I hate pain. Get more money to take the gloves. That was a great. That was a great catch by the way But i believe the fans have a give the feel a chance. Allies all out. It's it's like in football right. You do the screen offense liming can't run downfield to a certain I spot how kirkwood new. That's your your specialty. I got you. I got you. Thanks for taking my call. I met you got him right. So there's a vote for yes bring my glove to the game. Here's mike in palmdale. Checking in on sadako and cap kirk morrison filling in today for giordano. Mike jump into this. Conversation does a grown man take a baseball glove to a major league baseball game. What are you saying the last time. I wonder what was when the dog is placing yankee stadium and I took.

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