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What we had to get gold shoes that light up and i call it the The gold shoes for kids program that we started with the clark kids because i had called shoes that light up and they wanted to choose that light up so you bought kids on amazon. My five kids all pairs of shoes. Then you have purchased a neon green lamborghini. Yes which you have been known to peak out at at high velocity the the most recent of which. What was the fastest time that you the highest miles per hour the rate of speed. You went while traveling with your verse. Who were you traveling with. What was the school who what was group of people vagabond and across the country. It was a car. Rally that About seventy five or eighty exotics that traveled from Colorado to utah to vegas to california in. I can't confirm or deny any speed that i that i did get a video of someone driving lamborghini that hit two hundred and three miles per hour and So that was your lamborghini who was in the lamborghini. I'm not gonna. I mean is this. What am i getting interrogated here. Not least yeah. I'm like hey somebody sent me a video of someone going to o. Three it looked like my hands. But you see my face isn't there. I don't know but two or three was the speed. I allegedly went then for my my son i believe is my son from his birthday. You've gone over the top auto shipped me opinion would for my birthday. And i'd say steve. Kerr is probably the best. I've ever seen at doing so every time i get a shipment opinion. What i'm not kidding. Every time i get a shipment opinion. Would i feel bad. And i feel like i need to immediately refer you a mortgage so so far in our office. I think i've referred you to michaela. Yup they referred you to john twice. He's a. he's a double offender. I i don't know who else is turned into a andrew andrew. And so it's like every time you send a bag of pinon would to me. It creates a referral for you. It's cool because it's just auto ship. I've got a good steve. Carrington store that. I actually use all my clients steve. You have no idea. I'm about to say. Oh wow unexpected things. You are a master of the handwritten note k round notes and you write them out immediately. Wrote my wife a love note. He did do that nothing else from you. Maybe he told me a story about how years ago you actually bought a car from a car salesman and then gave him a handwritten thank you note and he was like okay in a couple of years later he calls you. Hey man. I don't know if you remember me but you bought a car from me and gave me a handwritten note. I need a mortgage. That's amazing yeah. Well learn that from dr arena. We're talking before the show about. Everyone needs a coach. Can you explain real quick. Yeah who dr green is in why you chose to have him to be your coach because i have a ton of respect for this guy. There's very few people out there that would have a negative word to say about the guy. Unbelievable career dr great. If you google the guy wants to check out his background history t tell us who. Dr green is then we get back from the break and once you talk with your mentor relationship with with dr green. Okay so dr. Steve green When i met him was running beautiful brands international show notes their trump. Which was the the friend. The master franchise that ran like four or five different brands franchising system and stuff. A lot of people that are in tulsa know what that's about and then later went on to be the dean of the school business. He was in a junk professor for our you and then he became the dean of the business school. Both the business calling in the online business gopher or you quick clarification. We have listeners out there. That is an entrepreneur. You know i hear henry. Ford didn't have formal education. Walt disney didn't wanna formal education. So what happens if you're not you don't have a lot of times. You can hear something and misinterpret what it means you said an adjunct professor which means a thing shuttling elysee supplementary rather than central part is a thing added to something else as a supplementary rather than a central part not a junk professor. He's a chunk profuse continued. Yeah so he intentionally essentially taught some classes. A bunch of crap marketing. He's a marketing guy right. He he was my business coach for several years. He's also the pastor bixby community church when he was here he now is the i don't know they call them. Executive editor of charisma magazine which is based out of the so. It's a crucial magazine. He runs that entire thinks. He's a super awesome dude. A lot of respect for so he was my one of my best friends in the world. My pastor in my business coach and really. He's the guy that around two thousand eight. After i've been in the business for three or four years really helped me launch my business to get to get to the level that i'm at now and i am a decorative. Tell him that all the time. I couldn't possibly right. You check big enough to pay for the things that he's done so love dr green and he's awesome but one of the things he did. Teach me is that you have to write. Thank you cards in. And so i have sent. I think i added up one time. Probably twenty five thousand nice to meet you. Thank your auto ship. Thank you kearns to neutral green. No i used to use a service. That i don't necessarily door giving you one action item. I think you should do that. Put auto ship. Thank you heard media. Well that's what. I should do that. Bunch you send out cards and you could like automate it but now like just right. Now we're emma is. My daughter is turning sixteen so we went out in win literally drove about every single car. You can and so. I just did that. Because i just sent out a whole bunch of car. To car sales guys niceness saying you didn't even me card and you want to sell me a car so i'm gonna send you a card. It's like my way of like ace. Your way of saying thank you. It is but it is a way that you can remember. And i've done i think Specifically i write specific things in the cards. And then i always include one of my wacky business cards. Either my lambeau card or my business card. It looks like i'm about to get to a boxing match. And i'm in my suit and tie and it's just a thing that helps people remember you know the new york times bestselling book a made to stick where we're breaking down and we come back from the.

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