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I've been out of this business for quite some time good odds on the knicks there is it on the forget when when we first started the nfl network in two thousand and three the nfl sent a league executive or league security official to basically tell us what it is to be an nfl employees and go through right the employee handbook etc and they got to sports gambling and said team sports verboten over ncaa tournament brackets for money over wouldn't fantasy football for you guys in the beginning i don't even to be honest two thousand three what was fantasy football was it did it was it existed rotisserie baseball adding else fantasy football is just starting to get extremely popular in two thousand three so i remember i just have fun because there were like twenty twenty five of us to start the network it really was just like a small family affair just to break up the monotony i raised my hand and i'm like so my days of betting the knicks and giving the points are over and before the league's of could answer that one of my colleagues said you should have doing that anyway okay thank you so andrew branston discuss this eight four four zero four rich if you want to have a conversation about it are you going to be more will you be more apt to lay something down if you will if you can do that in a stadium you could do that in an arena on your phone in the arena i think the apps are coming let me tell you something.

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