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You talk about the importance of awarding certain foods, right awarding hormonally dangerous foods. So could you talk to us a bit about what this food? Yeah. There's so many hormone dangerous foods, or I would say things that are not really even food right there substances that are mimicking as food that have infiltrated our food chain, and then become part of it. And now, they're hyper palatable, they're familiar and convenient rights look at food as being the first thing that somebody says it needs to taste good. And the second thing is right. It needs to be something. That's familiar unit. Don't. Me to eat something that I can't even recognize and I've never seen it before. And if it's conveniently available, then I'll do it if it has to, you know, take me three hours to make dinner, then forget about it. And so in that process of making things convenient than hyper palatable, we have allowed so many things to enter into our into our kitchen pantries into our refrigerator that shouldn't be there. I'm talking about processed foods with ingredients that you couldn't pronounce the ingredients that your grandparents wouldn't recognize that have, you know, fifty sixteen gradients on the side of the box or the package is probably something that's not even edible. They're loaded with chemical deluded with Mr. Cise loaded with preservatives, things to increase shelf life, give them color, and, you know, mouth feel and sometimes they taste really good too. And you get addicted. They are actually designed to be addictive. So that would be a no brainer. Right. Get rid of as much processed food as possible. Eat close to the earth. Eat foods that have had less steps between that food leaving. The farm making its way to your plate. But then in that same category. I would put out hall, right? And every day. There's a new study saying, hey, I'll call is good for you. And then everybody all the drinkers get really happy. The bottom line is alcohol is not a health food. You know, red wine drinking red wine isn't going to make you live longer. There are some studies that may be decreases certain heart conditions, but it'll increase your chance of having cancer. Even having one glass of white wine and a woman will significantly increase the risk of breast cancer, for example. And there's there's so many accidents is so many so much violence. You know, everybody there's so much human cry right now about gun violence in the United States. And you know, alcohol is implicated. That's the first thing that the cops wanna find out if if there's something happened. Hey, was there alcohol was firearm? So there's that correlation, and then I would think about dairy to in in the way that it's produced. It's mass produced in these dairy farms where all the milk gets margin is these mechanized dairy operations where these cows are just lined up and there'd be clear rounded being given chemicals to keep them lactating. They get sick. They're giving antibiotics. Yes. So so you're taking in something that maybe if you were a baby college would work of okay for you. But now, you're taking in really a body fluid of another species, which sixty different, you know, active hormones that work really well for the car and make that help decaf grow into a full grown Calvary quickly. But as human adults, I'm not convinced that that we should be drinking as much milk, as you know, the advertisers, tell us, so so those would be some examples, and there's many many more. No, here's a question that I have. And I think it would be the right person to answer. This question is the idea of Derry, right? I mean, there's a lot of research tells us that is known as Elliot's people say, it is went on the other hand, there are some people who say that you should you know, like a blanket statement like you should avoid all day. Right. And you know, coming from India, you would agree that cow is an animal that tiny respected and everything is all revolves around. Car dairy products and milk, and even Krishna they need God was all about milk. So, you know, is it just some type of there is bad or are humans not designed to consume dairy or? Well, I think what those statements would be partly true. You know, you talk about the milk that is described in the scriptures at Christina was actually he was a what do you call?.

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