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In the communities, no longer have those communities around them anymore. That's people commuting from the suburbs. That to come into the city to go to church or or there's gentrification that occurred around her. Definition of the black community is changing the demographic uncommitted changing, you know, what what what what we used to say of out family community. You know, we have to reassess how how we look out sales. And and that also interferes connective when you don't live next to each other. We don't know the name your next door. Neighbor who nice when people used to cooking wouldn't have to lot outdoors. Now. Everybody says. Good luck. But this the navy. So I think that we have to a community. Kevin is right. And I'm gonna take coal move since a little calmer. God bless your mouth college. France, we all about HEC community we have to reconnect. And I think that solution is say is in the kernel of every problem is it solution. We own solution to all the problems that we say, but we have to have more unit or not gonna more togetherness playoff. Yeah. We got their own this, Tom, son. We need to be playing need to be a poi- empty again. You know, not feel people we need to be resilient people. Resents DNA happens. I think you're absolutely right. I mean. Bentayga.

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