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We're back on caught offside. Yes, yes, yes, yes. And here we go. I spoke about this earlier. This is in Ireland. Now on the program, inexplicably quite frankly, missing the opening portion of the show, but parachuting in for the mail bag section. It's my partner, my friend JJ. Danny, what's up? Brother. You friend? I'm surprised. We're still friends. I broke the Bronco big time. My friend I did. I tease this at the start of the podcast. You didn't get to hear it. But I said that there have been for all the people seem to like our show because you and I are are actual friends. And I think that that comes across, you know, so they fight and bicker and whatever we go back and forth. But you know, most of it is just like the show ends, and we laugh as we walk out of here and it's like whatever. We're just talking sports. There have been two moments since I've known you where I actu-. Really? No, like no faking it. None of that where I actually wanted to kick your teeth in the I was on my eagles road trip in Washington DC after the eagles lost in weeks, Ecksteen were eliminated from the playoffs in heartbreaking fashion. You texted me as I'm walking into the parking lot after the game crestfallen. How's your eagles road trip now? And then the second one occurred yesterday when I sent you and many others, people who I often get text messages from about soccer, you know, I'm feeling good about Tottenham United before the game, and and I'm excited. I'm like, you know what? This actually feels like really big to me. I'm I want to enjoy this differently. I don't wanna watch this at work. I'm going to shut that TV off. I'm going to avoid certain websites. I'm going to DVR this one and I'm gonna watch this at home and I'm going to enjoy it. And you know why I wanted to do that because my wife last night had something like twelve or thirteen women over to the house to sing. Like some people go play, pick up games. Soccer basketball, like this was pickup singing. They just can't over and they were going to sing. And Amanda said, maybe should do your podcast on Monday. So you're not here for all that. And I said, no, no, no, I'm going to come home. I want to watch the game. I'm gonna go upstairs. I'm gonna make a sandwich, bring ships up into the bed and I'm just going to sit there, watch Spurs United. You guys sing. I'll put you to bed and I was like really pumped about enjoying this night. So I sent all these people text message right when the game start at three o'clock, DVR Spurs. So no techs, please. I heard nothing from you all my other friends said. Sure. Oh, no problem. Done all the sudden at four, thirty six right around the time that Lucas Moore was scoring his third or his second goal. In the third goal, the game you then choose to respond and say, okay, but man and I said, stop, why would you send that message? And you said, 'cause on buzzing? 'cause come on, you Spurs. And I said, men would. Steve. And you said, oh, throw your eyes. I said, stop. You said, I'm sorry. But your take on this game will be phenomenal. Though. I said, I've been avoiding websites telling people not to text me. You've got to send me these messages, man. I can't believe you. And I never heard from you again until this moment. And so now that I had the chance to speak with you, like, what? Why? Why did you feel the need to do that? It was one of like, just the all time. What is he doing right now sending these messages so you ruined it. I mean, I was happy to Tottenham one. I still watch the whole game and did my whole routine and stuff that I was planning on doing anyway, but it's a little less exciting when you know the outcome beforehand. There's there's no excuses I was a bit of that is. And so now we've gotten to it, I take long. I was at a wedding on in Ireland. I have limited connective, I'm in and out of wifi. That's how a communicate and my phone was dying, and I'm watching the game act the table joining the speeches of this wedding. So I'm already a bad guy, but I'm full. I've had a few drinks. I've got a few shanties it doesn't matter..

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