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Dot com. Net scope security that's ready for anything. Double DTO P at three 48 Saturday morning. It would be Friday morning. Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks, let's check it out with the intro for this morning to the WTO P traffic center. We're just bound to determine the cartoons you want to watch this morning. Probably soon. Let's go back to the capitol bellway in Virginia still an issue with the crash involving three vehicles, including a tractor trailer between gallows road and the little river turnpike and resolve for you the drivers you're going to be diverted and exit 51 for gallows road to try and get around all this mess and it's going to be a while to clean this one up and hopefully they can get it cleaned up before. The heavy traffic starts up to 5 o'clock, but that's no guarantee so if you're just not getting up and you're planning your morning drive, bake that into your plans, the rest of the Virginia beltway, it's work on the interloop mainly after the Eisenhower avenue connector X one 73. It's going to be two right lanes to get by and then coming through coming through Tyson's near chain bridge road route one 23 that is going to be two to the left to get by after Georgetown pike again over to the left at a column of two to make your way toward the legion bridge. On 66, all the work zones president accounted for no serious issues getting through them though a little more sluggish westbound because some lane restrictions before and after nutley street single left lane getting by and then after pharaoh's exit 57 for 50, that's also a single ending yet by the rampant Prince William Parkway still shut down. Also on the Virginia side of the Harry nice Mac Middleton bridge, they are still doing the paving work and you're still alternating traffic between the nice Mac Middleton bridge and naval support facility dahlgren that's on the Virginia side of the bridge and again, traffic alternating with some delays. We still seem to have wind warnings on both the bay bridge and on the Harry nice Mac Middleton bridge baked that into your morning drive as well. We go to the district. The ongoing crash investigation D.C. two 95 bound everyone still diverting it last report to Burroughs avenue to get around. Ian Crawford traffic. Feeling like fall out there, temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s for your Friday morning, Friday afternoon, sunshine, rather breezy. I temperatures in the mid upper 60s. On Saturday, going for

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