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Blues thirty eight twenty in game one Adam Kaufman, WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio. Ten forty three time for traffic and weather together, these super retailers of New England all-wheel-drive traffic on the threes. Let's go to Kevin Brennan. Jim think most area roadways are in pretty good shape up to the north. One of any delays here in that up a one twenty eight lynnfield down the wall, fam- everyone's okay through Saugus and revere heading towards the Tobin bridge. You get over the Tobin bridge to have some brake lights here inside the city square tunnel, but they're minimal and looks like they're easing out heading on the loop ramp, lower deck. Downtown not too bad on his AAC abridge that lever down ramp, though you're stop and go all the way down to stow drive. Stays heavy on Storrow west out to these crews taking Elaine after that ramp to the Copley off ramp there after the hatch shell Storrow drive eastbound on the brakes, mass avenue, the government center, you're looking pretty good now through the airport tunnel. South of town expressway, northbound quite busy furnace brook up to posit again. Seven hill, the Columbia road after that, though, not too bad heading up into tunnel. Southbound slowing through that Savon hill stretch once you get through the gas tank. You're okay. Down Braintree support sponsored by spothero this way, can save time parking simply download the free spothero app in reserve. Closest spot to your destination in advance. You'll save time and get everywhere much easier. Take ten dollars off your first spot with promo code road. That's promo code road. Kevin Brennan WBZ's traffic on the threes. Right. Kevin overcast guys out there could see some rain and it is chilly out there. Fifty one degrees right now. Boston, really not getting too much warmer as we make.

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