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That should be a topic uh joshua allen i like seeing donald uh i've always liked him i know he kinda fell off in terms of the buzz this year people were saying that you know th that he was going to be the number one overall pick uh and then he needs a little bit like brad kyw where he was number one teddy bridgewater for let's be honest with their number one guy state around and then any kind of fell off break high was i think at the end of the seventh round by the time be picked up um i don't know i like these poise like his arm i like you said a solid i'm not shoulders having chuck rose whose good i i you know i'm not i'm not a josh ellen hater i just i just don't see why he's necessarily better than lamar jackson and lamar jackson's plenty of third competition and if we're gonna talk about changing positions here eric i think they're obviously racial overtones historically why is no would kick it around the should josh alledged should move the tied it right i mean i mean i i just feel the thing i don't um i mean i get on one one level um but w what is the i don't see why he if he was one lamar jackson game i mean there's certainly been uh black quarterbacks in history that you know that are better runners and throwers but you can't say that of all the march actually just playing the obvious then you can slow the ball economy and okay you know maybe like every other college quarterback he needs to understand how the game works in front of there's very few uh quarterback say that come out of college that have that kind of action i i can honestly only one one comes to mind wishes carson wins where i was researching him and i thought this guy is ready i think you're want so he he understands game but that wasn't that wasn't just that wasn't just because of him because the offense he was in.

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