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It's safe to do, so we'll get. We'll all be able to go back, but I will take it right now. That I cannot go racing this year and I'm fine with. That I'm okay with that I know a lot of people aren't. But, maybe I'm just more realistic. Yes sure like I come. I come from a training yard and I'm not even like racing, I just have to deal with us, and it's just the way things are at the moment we have to. We have to take the precautions racing going so well at the moment. It's everyone is taking precautions as they should be. Which is Britain's on? Yeah, okay? Yes, it would be great to get the owners going racing. They're big part of our yard. The keep keep us going to keep business running for us, and we have to be very supportive of us like even if it's just a bother Obama Tuesday or the Kerr on the weekend every. There's nothing better that it goes of the winner ever for an owner chain jockey, so yeah, it's great to have them at the track boss. At the moment, things are different. We have to do the precautions the way it's place are to us. We have to the health screening. It's been working so far. Arlanda is probably in a great position because of the laser together all the. The time anyway, so we're not crossing over mixing So yeah, it would be great guessing onus, go racing to be honest. I think there are a big part of our game and They're deserve ristic. Put a lot of money and time and Joe. A lot of patience goes into right. Chertoff, training horses on yeah, no big rates get the horror stories, but Gaza said public. Shirt. When is open? It's open like I. Say I haven't been racing and I don't see myself going racing for the rest of the year. look. To just circumstances that it's in. We just have to take it from me over the weekend. When does when do I think he will be able to racing next? Dublin racing, festival. Probably A. Second Way I don't think it's going to be. I I would definitely take county and CNN on board. I think BAFTA. Where am basically non-existent bound stockton back again. But the reality is that. was attended. Alright, your stress..

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