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He's beaten Derek Bronson. He's being the WHO's who in many way, so you? Really? I have to favor Robert Whitaker just based on strength of schedule he's. He's fought in the best way. He's beating the best middleweight he's being. You'll married twice. He's to and. Amarah which is to me even more impressive than winning the title especially going back to back, and yes, you can argue he lost the second time, but a win is a win same as Darren, until against even Thompson same as Dan until against Calvin gasoline win is a win, so do favor Robert Whitaker. He clearly has the edge wrestling. I mean Darren show himself said in media day like it's no. It's no secret he has. He has the wrestling. Dental says it's probably fifty fifty in the grappling department like the Department Darren. Till sets key has the better striking I. Don't know if that's true. Robert Whittaker's knocked out some pretty impressive strikers, and he's knocked out some pretty impressive grappler, so I tend to favor whitaker. I don't think it'll be a stoppage I. don't think it's going to be razor decision, but I think it's going to be a pretty good back and forth war, but I I I'm gonNA comfortably say Robert Whitaker a should pull off the win in the main event? I agree with you, but there's this feeling. I have deep down inside Jose that these guys are gonNA. Get in the middle of the Octagon, and they're gonNA swing for the fences. Feel that way I have no proof of this happening, but I feel like that's what we're going to see. Tomorrow I think both guys just going to go in and head huns, and then someone's going to get their hand as I. Don't see this by getting out of the second round. That's just the feeling I have, but if it goes the distance and these guys have just a technical masterpiece of a fight that would not surprise me either. Yeah, it's in Robert Whitaker is one of those strikers that he could. He picks his shots. He's not throwing punches for no reason like. Yeah, he. He gets into these wars. Meryl but that's not like. And he went back and forth. That's like he got punched hard by your Merrill once. And it turned into a war, because he went into survival mode for a while, and then the Derek Brunson Fight Doug Brazil acted fool and ran out there with his head and wide up in the air, so he's beaten some good. He's being good guys, but he's beating them. Picking his shots like and he's not. I'm not saying he was a counter striker, but he saw openings. Going forward took advantage. Darren to is can be very much counterpoint strike a counterstrike of he waits for his opponents to make a mistake, and then he capitalized do that against. Donald cerrone anywhere he, he hurts you, and then he backs you into the fence and just destroys you but he also has been slow. Leptons of open to those shots allow tired Woodley where he did that like that like Jab, and then when he like pulled back for the UPPERCUT, that Split Second Window Tyron Woodley took advantage and this question, and then took advantage and tapped him. So Robert Whitaker continues to do. Do what he does and take advantage of openings as opponents leave, I could see him pulling off the stoppage win, but I hope I'm not saying hopefully by think day until is has had enough time to close. Those gaps I. Don't know if this I don't know if this'll be stopped but I think it will be a very high level. Martial arts competition. Either way I think fans are going to be happy with no matter how this fight goes. a event is a fight that you've been very excited about since it was announced the trilogy fight between Mauricio Shogun. Antonio Rosario Garrett's little dogs final fight of his career. Take on the former light heavyweight champion. This is a nostalgia fight personified in the Komen event spot. What are you going to be looking for? In these two legends throwdown and the Octagon Tomorrow night well, it has to be little dogs last fight I. Mean I mean it's. Like, why is this happening? Why is this now? Who Do you want them to fight like you WANNA. Throw show out there, too like the best of the best middleweight light heavyweight. Lil Nog out like we saw what happened. When he fought Anthony Johnson little was on that that kind of run for a little bit. We strong together few wins, and they toss him in against Anthony Johnson loses in fifty seconds and violent fashion. Like who do you want these two to fight? I think this is a phenomenal matchmaking. It's a trilogy fire. They both have respect both icons in Brazil. This is a little nods last fight. Against a rival that he has deep respect for so it's the last time we will ever see you. Brother lays up the four ounce gloves unless one of them sides come out of retirement I. Don't think I don't see happening. So I'm very much looking forward to a contest between two former pride, fighters pride never die huge fan like I, i. I missed the days of the squared circle. The colored gloves the the yellow cards, the the scoring system. They have so This is a huge nostalgic fight, and it's I'm looking forward to. It's not I. Don't think it's going to be the most the most technical mant we'll could be but It's I. Don't think someone's going to go to sleep. In this whatsoever, but yeah I'm I'm looking forward to to icons of the sport going out there. People forget when it comes to Shogun that he's only lost one fight in his last six. He wins over Corey Anderson during this stretch. He's got nocco Tyson, Pedro and John Volante. Yeah, he had the split draw Craig in his last fight, but show is still a very tough out at two. Oh five right I like when Daniel Cormie was the light heavyweight champion. Chance, he was GONNA fight. Show defend the title against Shogun. Who will like? This guy is not like getting crushed it all of his fights. He's actually in a pretty good run right now. Is he not and let's not forget his tail lost. Oh, Vince improve..

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