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Far reaches a Russian stuff that we can say for sure that it's, it's it's almost certain that different small groups of people interacted largely through trade and exploration in ways that we have yet to understand. Absolutely. I feel that's. It is safe to say that it's actually very safe to say that and your word of the day is an acronym. Said a word of the day. I think everybody should be. Yeah, but it's fun to say. I think that's all it takes the day. It is. It is if you want to be a real pedantic, nerd insult person. Yeah, can always decide to call someone anachronistic when you think they're not being cool. Using completely inappropriately to. But but yes, all that aside this this map itself is an agglomeration of twenty twenty something other earlier maps that already existed before it was made in fifteen thirteen and. Moose cartographers, mainstream historians today, believe the map does not actually depict Antarctica. That's a bummer. It's a bummer because it looks cool. You can see how it would you. You can see how someone could look at that and say, holy smokes Antarctica. There's a group called bad archaeology and they have a great right up on this. We recommend visiting their website for more details. Just Google bad archaeology period race. But we do have a quote, describing their conclusions about this map. It shows no unknown lands least of all Antarctica and contained errors such as Columbus's belief that Cuba wasn't Asian peninsula who swing in a miss. Yes, errors that not to have been present if it derived from extremely accurate ancient originals. And it also conforms to the prevalent, geographical theories of the early sixteenth century, including things like balancing landmasses in the north, with others in the south too. Keep the earth from tipping over. Yeah, don't wanna do that because it's balanced on the on a turtle's back. That's right. True Sawyer. The the idea that the earth itself is sort of like a. Has its own geographical equilibrium too many continents of one air quotes side or another will inevitably tip the scales because it's. Right? Although it was relatively common knowledge at the time that the world was globe take that for which will the the maps is based on our older, but they're not. They're not ancient. It's not as if they found some six thousand year old. Sumerian map depicting lands that had never been heard of in the modern day and said, let's just copy this, right? Yeah, at least according to the different experts who have examined the actual map. So unfortunately periods while being an incredibly tantalizing possible indicator of ancient exploration of an article if not ancient civilizations in that continent, and just a cool map and just a cool met. Unfortunately, it really is a tantalizing thing because it doesn't deliver. It doesn't. It doesn't hold up, but we would be remiss if we did. Shout out something completely different. I think thing that we're all fans of, which is. Are. And. HP lovecraft as the author of the mountains of madness famous author, terrible person, inspired millions of people with his story. I was so taken. I was hypnotized by your depiction of these of these ancient pre human races got a little mad there for a moment, but I'm feeling better. Now you're back off the mountain. Yeah. So it's it's. And I want to say it's a really well written story, but it's a, it's, it's very, it makes a great impression. It's cool in people. Yeah, that's one of the best ways is so cool. And and the idea there is that there is an there ruins of an ancient pre human civilization hidden in the hinterlands of Antarctica. That has not been proven on this bite. What some people have tried to depict in earlier arguments on the fringes. There HP lovecraft was writing fiction. He knew he was writing fiction and he liked it..

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