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Yeah i'm laying there on the ground over in the festival area after the race and just being kind of completely spent at that point i had been one of the top things done my life. I mean race wise And and but i remember fallen in love with it at the same time like that feeling like that. I just exhausted myself and and had really push myself to the limit for where i was at that point. Not only just physically but mentally as well. I mean you go through that race and there's all there's times where i was like. Why am i doing this. Why are you just hanging up this. Walk the rest of the way or something like that her. You know so so i i kinda fell in love with it and then i started doing more and more of those spar races racist. I started kind of travel around local Races that were around. And i found myself losing weight by training and getting better and better physical shape and then i started meeting. People out of these races at that has similar mindsets. You meet a lot of veterans. That do these kind of races. And you know what i started to find was not that not only was i kind of given the the the the physical side of me a therapy needed but also getting the the the mental relationships with other people that brotherhood and sisterhood. That kind of missing Likely craving for my time in the military i was finding like minded people that had goals and dreams in or were doing the same thing i was doing out there these races and so he started developing friendships and started beyond with a practice. What we talked about earlier just as conversations and talking to people. And then. And then i i remember by the end of that year of two thousand seventeen was that first farmers and december of that year..

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