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Seven twenty five or five minutes apple will Clark the news Cordy dental center by with a look at the news about your body gets coverage units check of sports right now thank you very much Tony I want positive that's come out of all this well sports has been in action just about every level the players and coaches have been talking to fans in the media and that was the case for the university of Lowell their football defensive coordinator Brian brown who returns the whole head up their defense any talk about how the team all got little practice in they were able to get some spring ball about seven practices in well who stood out to him exactly what was the senior defensive lineman Jericho are was a different human being in the seven practices this spring not just with the click of a crisis in may one is you know Jake so he understands that is this time right now you know last year was G. Robson the schools same started in front of but he knows that this is my last go around and staying with the university of local basketball for Jordan all right now instead that he will enter the NBA draft war was selected to the Associated Press all American third team as a junior and his decision to turn pro was expected after limited participation in last year's combine because of a knee injury Kentucky guard Tyrese Maxey will enter the NBA draft as well becoming the second wildcat starter in his many days to turn pro and forgo his remaining collegiate eligibility Maxie scored twenty six points against the number one Michigan state in his collegiate debut and finished the season tied for second in scoring on the team with fourteen points per game the college football Nick Sabin said on a conference call the beach football player received an apple watch to monitor home workouts in sleep well that would since brought rise to a possible and see double eight rule violation according to the NC double white schools can distribute work outs to student athletes but they cannot supervise those workouts Alabama says the watch dad is only being used to track sleep patterns and activity level not to oversee workouts dancing with the oblong to the National Football League yeah Tom Brady J. J. watt and Adrian Peterson are among eight unanimous selections the twenty tends NFL all decade team announced by the league in the pro football hall of fame also chose not every ballot of the forty eight member hall of fame selection committee or von Miller Donald Joe Thomas marshal Yanda and Justin Tucker all but tackled Thomas and guard deandre are active players in the masters is tentatively being rescheduled for November after it was postponed earlier this month due to the covert nineteen pandemic prestigious golf event in Augusta Georgia was scheduled to take place this week but will instead be played on November twelfth to the fifteenth the open at royal St George's in the UK it was canceled last week the PGA championship at TPC Harding in San Francisco has been rescheduled to August and the U. S. open at winged foot in Westchester New York is scheduled now for September there you go you're up to date with sports news radio eight forty WHAS right uppercut in the news room talk to Alex castallanos there are the Democrats looking for a virtual Democratic National Convention we'll talk it over with that let's get the latest coming up at seven thirty five right now time for news about her money at seven twenty eight let's head to Wall Street for this bluebird bunny update from Cordy done off Broadway sports morning Tony stock futures are powering higher this morning officials appear more optimistic that the spread of the virus may be slowing in New York the epicenter of the outbreak on the agenda today president trump has a meeting with small business at three PM Boeing is suspending work at at seven eighty seven Dreamliner plant in South Carolina temporarily shutting its last commercial jet factory still in operation analysts widely expect Boeing to slash Dreamliner output when factory work resumes as airlines have part fleets Kroger is adopting additional measures to ensure physical distancing the grocer will begin to limit the number of customers to fifty percent of the building codes calculating capacity that means one person for one hundred twenty square feet and gasoline demand has collapsed as stay at home orders keep drivers off the road sales at retail stations were down forty six percent from a year earlier last week according to IHS Markit the average station sold about eleven thousand gallons that's less than two tanker trucks worth with the news radio eight forty WHAS Bloomberg money report I'm courting done hope I'm John Morgan of Morgan Morgan I've been representing injured people.

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