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You certainly sounds plausible on the other hand the allegation is unproven worse it's anonymous and that means that franken can't really answer it none of this would pass muster in a court of law but any trial by social media and that's what we're seeing it's enough to destroy reputation a career a life so enjoy the shot in freud the pure animal thrill of watching a powerful person knock from a high purge but at the same time ask yourself what if this happened to you imagine being accused by someone whose name you didn't know of something that supposedly happened more than a decade ago how would you respond how could you respond what if your innocent by the way and what if nobody cared our entire justice system was designed to prevent moments like this the sixth amendment guarantees the right to face sure accuser dishes roman law did two thousand years ago there's a reason for that there can be no justice without transparency democrats have abandoned that ancient right attacking any who asserted because they sense political gain in doing so losing frank and right now cost them nothing and other likely more liberal democrat will be appointed to take his place in a vote to expel roy more from the senate next year will be a lot easier to hold if democrats don't have to account for al franken this isn't principle in fact it's the most cynical kind of politics and if you don't believe it look no further than new york senator kirsten jila brand who was the first to demand franken's resignation today on the subject of harassment jill a brand is an opportunist and a phony and so we're many around her when it was convenient for a brand to give cover to his sexual abuser she did it enthusiastically unlike al franken former president.

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