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Gambling show already, Acosta use that you've been with wide fit studio where nobody, nobody and nobody on top of that I texted are our boss this morning to confirm what time we were off because I heard rumors were staying until 6 30. He didn't say it point blank, Joe, but I took it as I think he just wanted to make up for all the short shows that we had when we got to get tomorrow. I mean, tomorrow we got a war. On What? Till 3 30 again tomorrow. Yeah, The Yankee met doubleheader, which begins at four o'clock. We're gonna get a first a seven inning doubleheader between the Mets in the New York Yankees, and we get another What Sunday and other one on Sunday. Yes, we'll talk to the manager of the Yankees Aaron Boone. He's coming up at five, and we will get back to your phone calls. But John Hammons reported sponsored by sport clips, it's a new season all stylist and clean certified and guy's smart. And locally by bed, MGM believing your game, download the app and make a bet today, John, How are you? My job? I'm okay. Are you guys doing good in a John Doe? Brody said to us about 40 minutes ago. Louise Ross is meeting with the team kind of gauging the interest on if they're gonna play tonight against the Marlins. How about the rest of baseball? Because I'm having a tough time keeping track to three games already off the board. Where are we now? My understanding. His twins and tigers are also postponed. I just heard that a few minutes ago. We know that the A's rangers was postponed and themselves. Berry in Philly old friend reported that the Philly game will be postponed a cz well, so we're looking at three on and probably more than that. John, Let's let's get what's going on in the field. We had Brody on as well. And you know the decision to put Seth Luego into rotation to me is we think it was and They've gotten away with it now in a couple of games here against the wall, and they got away with it last night, Okay? They got away with it last week. That game could photo hit the home run to win it in in Miami before they had their little shut down here. They pitch. They put him in the rotation, and he pitches three innings and they take him out. He pitches 39 39 pitches. You can't touch the guy, but we got to get him out of the game out three giants of Mistake of a steak. Yeah, I'm with you Why We talked about it last week where we like him in the Ben. He's their best reliever. You one of the best relievers in baseball. I would leave him there. I mean, it's difficult thing. When you've got a guy an employee wants to start. You know, he's probably going to be decent as a starter that first outing. You look fantastic. But you're right. The only fits one third of the game so much we have in those close games coming out of the pen. I think that would help the team or I'm with you. It's you know, is one of those things where remember the job debate the whole What do you do with job? Chamberlain and I think most people thought keeping the bullpen because they saw him in the bullpen and he was great. And I think that there's this reaction. If you see a guy pitch well in the bullpen, don't mess with it. I think history has shown. If the guy can start, I'd rather and be a starter. And I hate to use this example. Adam Wainwright. Me. Adam Wainwright did a great job filling in for Jason Isringhausen in 2006 is unfortunately, we all remember If they had, said Boy, he looks so good as a reliever. Let's keep him as a reliever. We wouldn't have watched what is not a Hall of Fame career, but a very, very good career. So I understand starting Seth Luego ideo. The timing of it in a shortened season where you're slowly building up the pitch count, and you don't have the greatest bullpen in the world. It. It just feels like it's a clunky decision, and in a weird way, it's night. It's kind of like what the Yankees did do with job. Remember the whole thing in the middle of the year, where they created the job of rules that stardom he's pitching, like, four innings and throwing, you know 75 pitches. They got to take him out. Except in this case, the game's matter more because there's only 60 of them. I'm with you. I gotta win as many games as they can. And then the penny can affect several games in a week. You know, pitching three innings in a start. It's not gonna cut it in my mind, much rather be in those close games late. He's fantastic and as a reliever. I would think about it for next year. But you know the ship has sailed already. He's a starter. I mean, there's nothing we could do about it. Even if the three of us agree it's not gonna help. They could change their mind. I mean, take it easily make him the closer in two days, and I don't see that happening. I mean, it's not the way it's going on. He looked good for a start. Even such a there was three innings. Really good s. So it's It's not trending our way on this one, and we'll see. Maybe it'll work out. But I'm with you guys. I like it better in the pen. Well, why do you think the Mets have struggled John, like they have with runners in scoring position? I mean to me, That's the biggest reason that their signature three games on the 500 right now. Yeah, I mean, they've been terrible with runners in scoring position..

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