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So I suppose they're like getting ahead of themselves and thinking well what's the point if that's going to happen? But I would like to see them somehow figure out a way to get Middleton on him because if he's going to try and I Salon Middleton that won't go as well as it's gone, everywhere else with him and that you know second and third quarter. The second quarter, he had a lot of points and then he lived up again. So yeah, great call. They need to figure out to get Middleton on Chris Paul. But again, if they screen him and they said a good screen and Middleton gets rubbed off and he's not there anymore song. It's it's confusing. Yeah. Do you also think it's time for you to start the 5? Because Chris, Paul and Devin Booker, they just waiting for Brook Lopez or switch on them. They just took their time to get their spring. Yeah. I I think that every evidence that we saw in games one tonight would indicate. Yes, it's time to just go with that and start there. Now, maybe bring Brook Lopez and Off the Bench and give him those twenty-three minutes against the 2nd. That might make it more effective to. But without question, they were much better with, you know, a hobbled Yiannis at the center spot and even with Portis getting lit up a little bit there, they were still getting closer and it never going to Gap. So you know, I hate to say cuz Lopez did shoot well, but yeah, he's not doing any defensive end well enough against the starters to justify One more question. Also, if they put the five, who would you put in to replace Lopez? Well, I mean, cuz right. Portis is then the five and you got go Ultra small man. It's a, it's a problem, if they're not deep, right? You're bringing in Teague, and continent, Forbes Off the Bench from the back or like, that's not great for the, for our final team, it really is and they needed, they need to Shore that up in the off-season, but it's probably connaughton. He's the guy that they seem most most comfortable with. Yeah, that's all I have. Thank you coach. Awesome. Thanks man. All righty. Let's go to Chuck Bennett still waiting for Ben. Let's go to shanku. Bring you in here. Thank you to hit the button and bring it. Bring you are welcome in and we will get you in here. Let's see here. We got a lot of people coming in and want to request awesome. So as soon as let's see, I'll give you another second. Few seconds, chanku to come in here if not then we'll go to. It looks like you know the next order would probably be home by Jamey. No Jacob. Okay shanku, what's happening man? Hi how are you? Did I pronounce your name correctly, shonku Saku I figured as much. What's happening other much, man, that was a good game, but couldn't hold her. Had some flaws defensively at least kind of same problem has had this Rudy gobert switching and taking advantage of that. I hear you. I hear right now. And then his biggest problem was he didn't adjust quick enough, right? He went was wrong with it. And then bye-bye, that third quarter when they got down by Twenty. That was pretty much it..

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