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To get over this <Speech_Female> quick factor after <Speech_Female> a few times <SpeakerChange> and <Speech_Music_Female> not having to carry extra <Speech_Music_Female> products <Speech_Music_Female> up to twelve hours. <Speech_Music_Female> Window is <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> the selling <SpeakerChange> point. <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> <Speech_Music_Female> I used a <Speech_Female> Latex Brown <Speech_Music_Female> version and mine <Speech_Female> lasted ten <Speech_Female> years. I <Speech_Female> replaced it with the silicone <Speech_Female> version. Which <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> ironically again no <Speech_Music_Female> pun intended turned <Speech_Female> a similar shade <Speech_Female> of Brown from <Speech_Female> the blood staining. <Speech_Music_Female> Anyway <Speech_Music_Female> love the <Speech_Female> podcast. I've learned <Speech_Music_Female> so much and <Speech_Female> laughed even more. Keep <Speech_Music_Female> up the awesome sauce <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> work. <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Well thanks Kim. So <Speech_Female> is that why the keeper <Speech_Female> is Brown Navy. <Speech_Female> I still maintain to <Speech_Female> be read. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> Well I have <Speech_Female> a Menstrual Cup <Speech_Music_Female> letter to <Speech_Music_Female> read from Allison. <Speech_Female> Who wrote <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> I was so excited <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> to hear your recent <Speech_Music_Female> podcast on Menstrual <Speech_Music_Female> Cups and fascinated <Speech_Music_Female> to hear their long <Speech_Music_Female> and storied history. <Speech_Female> I was <Speech_Female> so disappointed. However <Speech_Female> at the comments <Speech_Female> you received when <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> you posted an article <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> on facebook <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> about the reasons. <Speech_Music_Female> Menstrual Cups Aren't <Speech_Female> more popular. <Speech_Female> There were countless <Speech_Female> comments. Many for <Speech_Female> men like gross <Speech_Female> you. <Speech_Female> I didn't need to see that <Speech_Female> and I <Speech_Female> can think of a lot <Speech_Music_Female> more than four reasons <Speech_Music_Female> and no things <Speech_Music_Female> that made <Speech_Female> me realize. We <Speech_Music_Female> haven't really come that <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> far from the days of <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> the red tents. <Speech_Music_Female> Women's <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> bodies are still seen as <Speech_Music_Female> dirty which just <Speech_Music_Female> makes me sad <Speech_Music_Female> and <Speech_Music_Female> not to get too hyperbolic <Speech_Music_Female> but my <Speech_Music_Female> cup has changed <Speech_Music_Female> my life. <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> I initially chose <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> a cup for both environmental <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> reasons and <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> practical reasons. <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> I'm a swimmer <Speech_Female> swim instructor and <Speech_Female> Tampons or just not <Speech_Female> always the best choice. <Speech_Female> For long sessions in <Speech_Music_Female> the pool <Speech_Female> I have endometriosis <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> with severe <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> cramping and was <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> pleasantly surprised <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> to <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> find the actually <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> lessened <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> my cramping pretty <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> significantly. <Speech_Music_Female> I'm not sure <Speech_Female> why exactly. But my <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> theory has something to do <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> with the way. The Cervix is <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> positioned while the cup <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> is inserted <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> to anyone <Speech_Female> who has tried to cuff <Speech_Female> and not found them to be <Speech_Female> ideal. Please don't <Speech_Female> give up. The <Speech_Female> First Cup I tried <Speech_Female> was <Speech_Female> too large <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> and too firm <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> causing painful <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> pressure on <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> both my bladder and <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> my cervix. <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> I did some research <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> before I <Speech_Music_Female> bought my second one <Speech_Music_Female> and it's now <Speech_Music_Female> seriously <Speech_Female> a perfect <Speech_Female> solution to <Speech_Music_Female> otherwise painful <Speech_Music_Female> time of the month <Speech_Music_Female> for me. <Speech_Female> Well thanks <Speech_Female> for the Info <Speech_Female> Allison <Speech_Female> and yeah. It <Speech_Music_Female> is always pointing <Speech_Female> to <Speech_Female> see <Speech_Female> people on Social <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> Media. <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> Act like children <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> and <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> over something that <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> is a natural bodily <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> function <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> so <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> listeners. We'd love to hear <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> from you. Mom stuff <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> at how stuff works. Dot <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> Com is our email address <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> and for links to Oliver <Speech_Female> Social media <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> as well as all of our blogs <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> videos and podcasts <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> with our sources <Speech_Music_Female> so you can learn <Speech_Music_Female> even more <Speech_Music_Female> if you dare about <Speech_Music_Female> Phyllis Schlafly <Speech_Music_Female> head on over <Speech_Music_Female> to stuff. <SpeakerChange> Mom <Speech_Music_Female> Never told you <Music> dot com <Music> <Music> <Speech_Music_Female> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Music_Female> for more <Speech_Music_Female> on this and thousands of <Speech_Music_Female> other topics <SpeakerChange> visit. <Speech_Music_Female> How STUFF WORKS DOT <Music> COM? <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> So here's something <Speech_Male> that some of you might <Speech_Female> find shocking. <Speech_Female> Ninety five percent of <Speech_Female> women. Don't feel good <Speech_Female>

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