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Shop because if we ever do y'all debate about the strong. This week. Welcome and Jalen and Jacoby, Jalen rose, working one of his thirteen other jobs that just means we had the opportunity we have the honor of having in the studio, Marcus spears call. What's good, bro? I just bought seven thousand shares of Margaret spear stock last week straight up. Everyone's listen to this that doesn't know I'm telling you Marcus spears, you are going to be a star in this game. It's easy to see. It's easy to say. When you listen to a software first time like that's a hit. You know? What's you know? What's crazy? The OJ got to put you on though. Of course, that's a part of the that's a part of this. I feel. Jailing greeny. Put me oh shit. How are you? When you hear a song for the first time you like, oh, that's a hit. My that's a hit. It's I've been doing nineteen years. I say oh that he's going to be star. It's going to happen you on only SEC network now you're on get up. Now, you're gonna be Michael straight hand in ten years. The bag gotta come with though, don't worry. I'll be your negoti on your behalf. Now, manages, you know, what the opportunity brought like I told you out the first time we had me on this show. I've been a big fan of it. Right. And then the had opportunity like I'm still in Namur with y'all like, I know a lot of I'm serious up at stopping cold. Listen, you gotta understand, bro. I I'm from south Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I you grew up in New York, we come from a lot of places where it is don't happen. Like my dudes at the crib. Still like do you realize you on TV on every day? It is like the league we we have professional athletes, right all over the place. Like dude coming from Louisiana. I wasn't even the best athlete in my neighborhood. But like somebody working in media like doing media and doing it at ESPN like, it's the staple is different. If being a professional players different. You got a helmet on this fifty five people on the roster like appeal. You know, it's not you're not recognize quarterback. Yeah. Like unless your quarterback, honestly like I would say. Seventy percent of the working running backs in the league running backs skilled position. No carry the ball. They can walk around town and knock it bothered. No question. It's like baseball same thing. Yeah. Like, we have we have one of the top baseball players in the league walkup right now in the studio, I wouldn't be able to tell you what his name was. So it is TV is a game changing. Well, we have some big wild card games this weekend. Who listen a lot of time. And you look at the four wild card games. You kind of know who's gonna win two or three of them. But I will say that I do not know who's going to win all four of these wild card games. We will go through them chronologically starting with the intriguing matchup between Andrew luck. And the colts playing against Shawn Watson and Texans in Texas. What do you think about this game going for it on fourth down early this year? I think it's going to cost the Indianapolis Colts win in the playoff round. Really? So if they tied at game based on how the season ended the coach get home field. In this wildcard game. But being that they go into Houston. Andrew luck is playing great is offensive line is protecting them and luck and T Y Hilton have destroyed the Houston Texans every matchup that he played against them. But with that being said, man. Desha watching this the guy I saw lift Clemson by himself passed Alabama. Yup. And these are his type of moments like, I hope you get a chance to meet him one day co he is that type of do like, if you if you if you go into the court, which boys at Rucker, and is like we gotta get one w four hundred ranks you get into Shawn Watson. I really that's the type of do. He is doing this like MO Jo like quarterback. In fact, I'm telling you actor personality thing like football analyst. Does your defensive player? I know you're gonna sit here. He'll be like he's got the most emotional see..

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