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Hillary clinton during the campaign cheryl mills the hillary clinton lawyer and this was all before hillary was cleared he was behind the fbi director james comey's use of the phrase extremely careless when he talked about hillary clinton's use of a private server instead of the phrase that colmey had intended to use grossly negligent grossly negligent is a felony and is punishable by jail time extremely careless isn't and that's the importance of this revelation about peter strasbourg he's a partisan agent was in the fbi questioning mike flynn before he was prosecuted and of course questioning the top clinton lawyer cheryl mills and houma adleman avenue and we've also got another muller deputy not one this is really getting deep sending anti trump messages deputy to special counsel robert muller emailed praised to sally yates then acting attorney general unabomber holdover the justice department leader who refused to enforce trump's legal as determined by the supreme court this week legal trap travel ban sally yates says i refuse she was fired she gets a message from a deputy to the special counsel robert muller andrew weissman he wrote to sally yates in a text message here it is quote i'm so proud and it all thank you so much all my deepest respects you add to this the fact you had loretta lynch on the tarmac talking to bill clinton during the investigation loretta lynch directing the changing of words to meet with the clinton campaign was saying the mccabe interim director of the fbi his family his wife big democrat politicians and donors very close to hillary clinton colmey in the interest of keeping his job apparently caved to this and didn't really reveal all of this very important information when he was under his multiple investigations or at least interviews by the by the congress and the senate headlines these are some headlines about the alabama senate race that are floating around the web in various outlets alabama ugly more spokesman calls accusers criminals damn ups attack jail the judge that's what the judge that's what they're calling on the democrat side calls bannon carpet bagging agitator and wall street journal republican victory of more may be more costly than defeat meaning that some democrats may actually want rowing more to beat jones the democrat in alabama because they think they can use the the sexual allegations.

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