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He'd hit 152 in a red uniform and my Am I just being an idiot and just blanking on another switch hitter would've hit Mohr Felipe Lopez holds the single season record for switch hit home runs home runs by Red Switch it area 23 But I mean other Reds. Javier Valentin was a switch hitter. Tucker Burner was a switch hitter Freddy Galvis, a switch hitter. I think my final answer is Pete Rose would be the Reds franchise later and career home runs by switching her at 1 52. But Ian half the former bear cat. The Cubs leader and career switch hit home runs with 60. All right, let's go back to the phones. And well, you know what I'm going to get? Ah, but I bet I bet John would be able to second my thought on Pete Rose or give me another one. John and Philly. What do you think? Is Pete the Reds all time leader in career switch hit home runs. I I would think you would probably have to be here. I can't really think of anyone else I could. Neither were in the red for a long enough period. Yeah, it wasn't. It wasn't like he had a bunch of rooms, but he had so many He had so many at bats and appearances that pile up after time. I think about it from other teams. I mean, obviously when you think About the entire baseball you like. Eddie Murray Orioles Chipper Jones Braves you There's very few guys that are home run hitters from both sides of the plate is Justin and then think of it from each team. I guess it's really not that surprising that half would have it with 60. You Well, um, He's the last man when you get going.

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