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To wildfire resiliency and emergency response. More firefighters. Yes, He's 30. More crews, 15 members per crew continue our investments. She won 36 large air tankers Better suppression Technology night capacity faster, safer. Blackhawk helicopters replaced those old Huey's. The budget also includes funding for vaccines, reopening classrooms, small business support and stimulus checks for low income Californians. Covert crisis is creating a surge upon a search for the state's hospitals. KFBK is my glory tells us why the next 10 days could be challenging 40,000 California's air testing positive for Cove it every day. Carmela Coyle of the California Hospital Association says they are bracing for the worst. We are standing on a beach and watching a tsunami approach, that is, the numbers continue to rise and the status of the spread. Of this virus continues to worsen, and health professionals are bracing for some tough times ahead. Nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists and others are bracing. Or what will be the next few weeks of a very difficulty environment. The California Hospital Association says it needs more flexibility on staffing regulations to avoid bottlenecks in the ICU. Michael Urie News 93.1 KFBK, A group of California lawmakers and community leaders are calling for the state to reopen They plan to protest at the state capital Saturday afternoon, and you'll also be meeting throughout the weekend. Sacramento supervisors Sue Frost is among those leading the group shall be joined by Congressman Tom McClintock and Sheriff Scott Jones. Sacramento Mayor Gerald Steinberg is filming for a public hearing about the ongoing protests happening in Sacramento following the storming of the U. S Capital on Wednesday. City officials say the mayor wants to hold a public meeting where police can explain their approach to such protests and have discussion with the community. I'm Joe Michael's News. 93.1 kfbk now sacramental traffic. Good evening,.

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