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And son today and get a $49 furnace tuna Back to Jack Taylor now in the traffic center beltway in Maryland topside outer loop You've got a delay that is approaching Georgia avenue We're hoping that crash that's between George and Connecticut but pushed over onto the shoulder immediate delays again as you head toward old Georgetown road through the big curve headed down toward the American legion bridge Single file Wright will continue to get you by The on ramps from the Clair Barton Parkway to the outer loop of the beltway also reopened Now you will find university boulevard east closed between veers mill road and George avenue This is due to a water main break fire department activity a large house fire gosh and road is closed between brink road and lockhaven drive Now you will find two 70s looking good south coming out of Frederick No real worries even into urbana yet headed down toward the lane divide quiet between the beltways on 95 with a little delay building south on the BW Parkway around one 75 headed toward 32 50 looks good coming off the bay bridge headed toward northeast riding in the district you'll slow off eastern avenue on southbound D.C. two 95 headed down to east capital street 9th street south is closed between I and H streets in northwest This is due to ongoing utility work Now we'd had some slowing in Virginia 95 north main line headed into woodbridge 66 eastbound Unfortunately the ramp to go north on 28s closed There was an earlier truck fire I think it's been put out The ramp is not reopened yet Old bridge road east near rolling brook road We've got a crash reported down in woodbridge It's a water main break unclear if they've reopened the roadway They were hoping by 6 this morning to reopen south shirlington road between south glee road and south kenmore street from last night's water main break You're looking good 95 north headed into Springfield riding right onto three 95 all the way to the 14th street bridge should find your lanes open Can't find the new car you're looking for try a Fitz way used car next to a new car if it's way cars best visit fit small dot com for reliable pre owned vehicles you can trust That's the Fitz way Jack Taylor David TOP traffic While let's check out our forecast here with Mike steinfeld Our slow warming trend will continue once again today a mixture of cloud cover and sunshine will top out in the low to mid 40s fairly close to where we should be for this time of year Overnight skies will cloud up So patchy fog will.

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