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Versus Leonard Garcia bec Rawlings versus Assyria floors. Tony Lopez versus Joey BELTRAN, Chris Lytle. There's a lot of MA love on this card, including our guest job. He's fighting towbar goes. Will you? The no doubt Joe everytime. Everytime. Chris. There's a lot of good lot of good. Good matchups Gillian, and Tony and only last time. So looking for some kind of thing. Hey, Joe out we've been covering you for a very long time. And you've been through a lot of stuff that we've covering the sport of gone through. And that's people didn't always believe in mixed martial arts. And there were the stigmas that were out there. Now coming around full, circle, we see Emma may on ESPN it's grown so much with bare knuckle, boxing, people are even within our industry are still trying to learn a little bit about the rules and all that and even heard some some Amiga his cO like man, I don't know if that's for me have you noticed some of those same stigmas that were around a few years ago for mixed. Martial arts is. Going through that right now. Well, you know, I live in their Dona one John McCain pretty much could high Bosch on the whole sport. So absolutely. You know, him kind of thing. It's a I was very much to their knuckle boxing actually down to to to England like two years ago cabinet. I fight you kind of theirs by because I didn't know how people think, and then, you know, the guide out, and then, you know, more than after that more and more by Chris Cole me than I had a bunch of calm in how I liked it. And it's really fun. It's fun. It's you know, it's just a fun thing. You know on the I'm co Bacher. Well, but this is just this is just fun. I mean, you know. Twenty twenty thousand dollars. It's not as much as you get the martial arts. But if the good tuck among, but it's still fun. It's it's one thing. And you know, it's a hobby, and then, but, you know, a hobby now, but maybe, you know, in the future with Harland, maybe, you know, in three years, you know, what I'm training guys, you know, their sports stuff in they can go through big things for their cause opening. He's he's he's actually a really good mother the nice guy. He doesn't try to screw people over he, you know, like like that one bare knuckle show like they're gonna fight Johnny ended, and they promise to my sons out and taking camping. I said, no. But they got didn't. Because nobody got paid. One of the things, you know, whatever does it will every says. Joe in regards to your training for these matchups. I know you've got a lot of friends it's still mixed martial arts, you still do it. But in regards to the training is it is it like a completely different mindset where let's say you're focused on your bare knuckle matchup, but somebody were to say, hey, can you get on the map and help us out today with wrestling like does that throw off your whole timing? Do you have to only dedicate yourself to bear in the for the training camp? Or can you kind of? Today. I want. Out of doing doing a lot of have worked with before. And there's some guys that needed to miss your body's grappling until it. Just you know, try just come off. And then. Grappling? So, you know, on a black belt. So, you know, the first up on your skills. So you to walk away from something and go to something else. You know? Good good things on mixed martial arts and you cover area, you know. So. You know, I'll go wanting the net tonight. Enjoy every you know, I and they've been into my career people. Don't people realize that I've. Wanna strike title the whole title on at one the deputy title. You know, I've done a lot of things and people, you know, the the more the more I keep myself active, like a train, my I changed my tire chain regiment helped me I don't sit there. And and and just, you know, abused myself news too. You know? All right. Well, hey, we wish you the best of luck man on Saturday can be a fun card out there. Chris Lytle that told us about it sounded like a stitch Iran's gonna go down there and wrap some hands sound like a cool place to catch fights..

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