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Well thank you know you have a lot to do we really appreciate you coming by today they have cue listening to paul finebaum show podcast wide is in georgia and you're on the air hello clyde hello how are you it's my first time calling i've listened a lot and wonderful i'm a buying person i live alone i'm a retired police officer i lost my vision in law enforcement and and i'm every college football fan from many many many years ago and i won't touch on something about the old school football with you might even go back further than you because i think that you probably be my junior the truth was known and i'm glad to hear some somebody's junior yeah right i used to enjoy football ever served you have two million when we watched we didn't watch we listen to it on the radio there was no television and we'd several gather around and listen to whoever was only air that time might be georgia tech played in tennessee or some other teams but i listen to the notre dame army football a lot back then those were the heyday is for those schools as you may real no no sure and back in the ford is at two fellers air for army doc blanchard and glenn davis oh oh sure sure i believe they referred to mr inside mr outside that is correct and i called her there football a lot and also fathered notre dame when they had boards like johnny liu jack in there and all of your remember him.

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