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At seven thirty Alex called nine, one, one at eight, thirty police arrived at eight, thirty, six and Alex said that he waited ten minutes after shooting Charles before he called nine one one. So that throws the timeline of more. And isn't it weird that you would do that? Why would you wait ten minutes? Usually you call nine, one, one, it's an emergency you're doing everything boom boom boom. You. Know what he said he said he returned his gun to his room. Then he washed tiny head wound which looked like really a scratch on the back of his head before making the nine one one call also, he didn't WanNa do any CPR. told the operator he didn't know how to do it. She offered to tell him how he wasn't interested. Also was super common matter of fact. Both on the call and after the police arrived. In Lorie told police that Charles had hung around the House for about twenty minutes. He had to have JJ school by eight thirty and he also had an appointment to look at a house set morning. So Laurie says she told Charles at the gate to the school did open 'til eight twenty, the school says, that's not true. They opened the gates for students at eight. Well remember, this is a special school for handicapped people, children and adults. So people are going to be showing up with walkers, wheelchairs, special vans. You're not going to get everybody out of their vehicles and into their classes in ten minutes mark and Lori had to know that. So it has to be alive. It's the only thing you can justify that as so Laurie told police that she was at the house when Charles was shot but Alex said that she had already left the house to take jj to school herself. While Charles stated the House and they had an argument said Dick. I think Charles was shot much earlier than they said, blue would seem to be. Suddenly Charles Eight pickup JJ. And then Laurie says, well, I ended up taking Jj Charles stayed at the house. Now, what's that about? Exactly. that. Also Alex could never give an explanation of what they were even arguing about. Tyler was there entirely and Laurie couldn't give explanation either of what the argument was about. and. You know you think it would be significant if it results in a death, worry claimed that she had Charles, his cell phone and she wasn't going to give it back to him. and. We would question why he would willingly give Laurie access to his phone. was she looking at who had been in contact with that? They have recordings of Laurie, threatening him stored on the phone. She tried to delete those We don't know. Then, the phone did get turned over to the police. Yes I'm sure the police have some pretty good idea. Even if she deleted stuff I'm sure they could recover it. So. What tighly said? She said she had woken at seven fifty hearing yelling in the hallway. So she brought out her bat and held her bat and Charles told her if she hit him with it, she would go to jail. But you know she couldn't tell the police what Alex and Charles and Lori were yelling about supposedly. So they're they are. Alex Calls Nine, one, one Charles dead the floor in this house right and what happened is Laurie left after the shooting to take jj school but still the police didn't see it as fleeing a crime which I think they Mida. If it wasn't a blonde, you know well off woman in a good neighbourhood just the way that straight out of the house and Laurie pulled up and told her story it just feels like this is not how you should treat suspects. They were never looked at his suspects weren't now you remember that that evening..

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