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Now the WGN forecast. Here's Tom skilling Chicago's in for a wet weekend. We have a flash flood watch the kicks in at seven o'clock tonight at runs through Saturday afternoon. Multiple episodes of heavy rain and thunderstorms will come and go through the coming weekend. We may get one to three inches of rain before the weekend is over tonight and occasionally drizzly with a few scattered showers, then showers and thunderstorms develop and become more numerous as the night wears on downpours in the heavier storms and nearly steady. Overnight temperatures in the low and mid sixty s Saturday, cloudy and milder through midday, scattered showers and thunderstorms, then turning cooler in the afternoon. High of seventy two falling into the sixty s in the afternoon Saturday night and Sunday, cloudy, cooler several clusters of showers and thunder. Storms low Saturday night fifty eight high sixty five Monday a possible storm early then partly cloudy, breezy, much, warmer and more humid up to eighty and Tuesday's son through building. Clouds, breezy, warm, and humid afternoon and evening thunderstorms, Tuesday, high of eighty three from the WGN weather center. I'm Tom skilling. It is sixty four degrees at O'Hare, midway sixty five Roselle sixty four at sixty five along Chicago's lakefront winter south west seven miles an hour. The barometer is falling. I'm Judy pilot in the WGN newsroom ready to join the conversation. Whenever a story changes on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN. Gotcha. Right here on seven twenty WGN. We had more legal analysis..

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