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Ladysmith and thornburg multiple broken down tractor trailers There were multiple wrecks South 95 still closed between garrisonville road and the center port Parkway But if you're leaving Springfield V dot is attempting to detour traffic off at any point of traffic on 95 south First aversion point at least at the fairfax county Parkway Second and possibly others We know of down near two 34 traffic could be being pushed off North 95 as you leave garrisonville road headed toward Quantico work your way to the right side eventually one last track to trailer wreck you should be getting by single file right past that then you're okay as you continue to make your trip into woodbridge and towards Springfield But again avoidance traffic for anyone else who is not already on I 95 off of 95 between Springfield and ladysmith Now you will find we'd had some activity on 17 out of hartwood north of hartwood road traffic had been stopped multiple tractor trailers were involved in a crash Erect south on the George Washington Parkway down near the key bridge had been reported to be careful there You will find we've got icy conditions as you make the trip in many areas especially through southern Maryland riding up two ten north on route four coming in on 5 just be careful you may find yourself still with limited lanes Pennsylvania avenue north bank up near the beltway an earlier wreck had traffic stopped with one into the Jersey wall Watch on the beltway interloop as you travel toward Pennsylvania avenue after exit 11 There's a new crash that's along the left side Topside beltway inner loop after university boulevard There was an earlier wreck in the second lane from the left I think that's been shouldered There's no delay from 95 over tour Georgia avenue but again please be very cautious trying to get in and out of neighborhoods Many side streets still unpaved or at this unplowed You're going to be dealing with pavement that is still very slick.

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