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Work with and go to school with madrid rubric you know what i'm saying like yeah confess me again it so we have a millennial job interview we want to play for a just a moment okay we want to to get to that so stick around because it's it's it's going to be the best two and a half minutes of your day or maybe the worst i don't know how would you look at this sherry producer the program best or worst because he cut it it's it's hilarious yeah you'll you'll be entertained for sir okay and there's a lot of truth there okay we'll get to that just what we are also talking about colleges a college it in my estimation of college education is sometimes overrated for certain people you don't even need college but what really disappoints me is that only thirty percent of the ninth graders in the state of california will gradually college only thirty percent and then we'll really gets me is the fact that in this state where one of three states that only requires two years of math were one of two states john requires three years of english we have a tremendous problem it comes to english math those are necessary requirements to be eligible to get into a california public university of school for cobb are most kids still qualify to get into those schools so what's the problem here what's the problem we had a caller in the last ira well a lot of it has parental involvement i get that i totally get that jerry you're very evolved with your couch and their expectations and you're going to make sure they do the thing but what about the family where the parents don't care or there really are there really know adults minding the children so to speak you don't have sanya veterans that those kids read a disadvantage if they're not being heard then pushed in that direction a might not succeed so then it goes to what denzel washington had to say of course you know he's the guy just great actor he's got a new film coming out he's being interviewed about the new film and he says listen if a father is not in the home the boy will find a father in the streets if the streets raise you than the judge because your mother and prison becomes your home it starts with how your way to your children if young man doesn't have.

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