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I just don't. Provided everyone's healthy and uche went out tonight so maybe that's our answer. But I don't know I saw Ronnie Perkins getting more more time as sort of a base outside linebacker and chase stayed as sort of a sub guy with like third teamers. He made one of the sex for one of which he made the whole play one of it's just there for the sack. Yeah. And I just I don't see the fit on this team for him whether it's you know the amount of guys that now have on the edge he had a chance to last year in what people forget about. Chase one of which had the goal a golden opportunity along with some other guys on this team like jawan Bentley to win starting roles on this team and he didn't and they went out and signed Matthew judon brought back Kyle Kyle van noy drafted Ronnie Perkins. He showed he never advanced past playing just as a substructure. That's what he is. They have other guys that can do that. They have safeties that can get on the field. You hear his press conferences and the way he conducts himself. I just don't see how he is a fit for the Patriots. I think he's a good player. I think he can be productive pass rusher. I just think he would have more value to another team that allows guys to go up and make plays. I would trade him and Harry. Well now he's hurt. He was in a sling after the game there are photos on social media. So he looks headed to IR to me and I assume that they might just put them on straight on IR right now and that means the season's over. I can't see them carrying them to the 53 man roster but who knows? All right one final segment with Greg bedard coming up after this and more of your calls as well you are listening to the shahs postgame show here on the safety insurance 95 sports of patriots. We're doing that work. Need to finish your bachelor's? UMass lol offers one of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation and over $1 million in financial support. 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Oh and he's down. Oh no. Yeah he really extended himself. I don't know if it's a shoulder or the leg. I guess his left shoulder bob. I'll go back to Shaw's postgame. So bob so he's got so I caught the call and the deep pass to Nikhil Harry who. Came up lame and was seen with a sling wearing a sling later on his shoulder which does not dictate good things for him. I want to come to making the roster. I'm Joe Murray Chris gaspers here. We got Greg Bernard from the Boston sports journal. I just want to take this quick call. Tim's in Adobe. He has a thought of Nikhil Harry. What's going on Tim? Hey how you doing Chris? How you know how you guys know and Greg? Doing well. What's going on? I'm going to say I'm not an expert at bottom 61 right? When Nikhil Harry was a rookie I seen his first pass he goes in the end zone. He cuts out. He drops the ball. He gets up either holding his ribs or his shoulder. Next next pass same thing. And I said to a friend of mine I go you know what? You're supposed to be a tight end and a wide receiver's body and I said he's soft as puppy you know why okay? And then after tonight he doesn't lay out to get the ball. He fell down. I text my body and I said watch you will not play game three he's out for the season and then when I see them with a slowing over his arm probably after he talked to his agent slash. Lawyer and.

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