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And streaming on the KIRO radio app. King County sheriff's detectives are seeking the public's help in finding a murder suspect. Twenty four year old Michael Roberts d Roberts is considered armed and dangerous and police say he should not be approached win seen. He is wanted in connection to the murder of a twenty six year old male fatally shot at a white center. Home on November nineteenth Roberts was able to flee in an unknown vehicle. He is described as an African American male at six foot five and two hundred fifty pounds. Anyone with information is asked to call nine one one seatac city council member Amina Ahmad died tragically in a car accident yesterday afternoon, leaving a community stunned mayor Aaron Sitterle remembers Ahmad for her decades serving as an advocate for refugee and immigrant rights if you had the gumption and the desire to battery yourself and better your situation, she stood next to you the whole way and encouraged. Do you and made sure that you could achieve everything you were potentially able to achieve two fifty two year old was appointed to the council back in October. Save Seattle filed a lawsuit earlier in the week to put a stop to a new tiny house village in south lake union and David Preston. With the group tells KIRO seven they say that low income housing institute also known as Lee high did not file the proper paperwork with the city. We claim that Lee high did not fill out the proper paperwork. They did not submit an operations plan to the city as they had agreed to do under their contract. He also as they found that neighborhoods are negative negatively impacted by other tiny home villages Li hi, Sharon Lee, says they have their facts wrong. The city of Marysville seem to a new program to help homeless residents with drug problems mayor Jon Nehring spoke with Jason rants on Friday. He says the joint social worker and police outreach starts with an assessment and a detox after that a thirty to sixty day ball. Long term rehabilitation program, and if they graduate from that, they move into transitional housing job training, and hopefully, ultimately, which we've seen some do you get a job and be be somewhat. If not fully self sufficient marrying says they've already had forty people complete. The detox is nineteen graduate from long term treatment programs and thirty seven have secured housing. Time.

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