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Forty W A J 's our top story. Another lawsuit expected to be filed in the crash that killed LAPD detective d drop Minka dote mega dose family suing MSG and former employ Roger Bernadette for the Christmas Eve crash. However, a lawyer for a man who the officer was helping when the crash happened on I sixty four downtown says her client will file suit. The lawyer says the crash left nineteen year old Quinton Brady and his passenger. With physical and emotional injuries. The driver and a crash that killed a Michigan family of five near Lexington had an alcohol level nearly four times the legal limit. The Fayette county coroner's office says forty one year old joy Bailey who caused a crash on interstate seventy five on January sixth had blood alcohol content of point three zero percent and Kentucky. It's illegal to drive. If you're a C is point eight percent or higher. The crash killed forty two year old Issam Abbas, thirty eight year old Reema Abbass and their three children fourteen year old alley thirteen year old Isabella and seven-year-old Giselle. Bailey of Georgetown, Kentucky also died. Lexington. Police said Bailey was going the wrong way on seventy five when he crashed into the boss families vehicle season. Duval NewsRadio eight forty WHAT S seven. Oh, two at News Radio. Eight forty W H A S. President Trump has a field trip scheduled for today. He's heading to the Pentagon unveil his administration's missile defense review. President Trump heads to the Pentagon today to formally unveil the missile defense review the review the first of its kind. Since two thousand ten provides a road map.

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