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Culpeper counties in Virginia, also in Charles county in Maryland. This all is pushing west to east tonight, hyattsville is at 69. Fredericksburg 66, foggy bottom, 69°, dropping to the middle 50s in a few suburbs, brought to you by Len the plumber, trusted same day service, 7 days a week While still to come tonight here on WTO, a former cop in our area admits to stealing from the police department. Focusing on its employees and everything it does is a core value for farmers restaurant group. It's a conscious capitalism approach that co owner Dan simons applies to all of his business relationships, including with his attorney, Scott muse, who leads the restaurant industry practice group at shulman Rogers. Every company has a beating heart. And the question is, what do you put into that heart? And people often say in business, you need a great lawyer. I'm not sure that that sums it up properly. What you need is a great human who is excellent at lawyering, but who wants to be part of the heart of your business. I really knew early on. This is the person I want as part of our beating heart, helping us make sure we do legal well, but that we do it as clearly sort of a woven in part of the culture and the ethos of the company. Learn about showman Rogers that showman Rogers dot com and find out about farmers restaurant group at farmer's restaurant group dot com. 1122. Come on now. You know you deserve it. A steak patty on any McDonald's breakfast sandwich. I mean any breakfast sandwich, biscuit, mcmuffin,

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