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Onto lenox now aren't they only safer safe system to utilize well entertainingly what's happening in the background that there's almost no discussion about his meltdowns inspector what is she doing to the windows ten operating piston into windows computers so i've been in several large national corporations in their buildings like having secretaries process orders from stuff that i would say you don't ever since january computer keeps crashing completely unsolicited ryan happened in january that was when the meltdown inspector patches came out and when the entire thing to started falling apart and so they haven't put it together is probably why their windows ten computers crashing but believe me there are huge major problems you walk into a hotel lobby you can't get registered for your cow well i was in a car rental thing where the car rental computer crash and the airline reservations crashing david for different companies so we're adding j now so all of these core brace when they do not want to computers crash and 'cause that's really affects the business so the at some point the corporate it systems are going to realize okay what what server people have realized for years is atlantic says more secure mortician but with now inspector it is and the patches in intel is put in the patches microsoft has tried to put in you know been patches but the difference is that what intel was doing was trying to cover for microsoft bit apple in lenox isn't that need to speculation or guessing with the operations bloated opera systems so this is something that intel put in specifically to protect microsoft's it's been going on processors intel processors and also amd and other processors for the past ten years to try to hide the back windows system is absolutely sale in the worst possible way and now we've got a situation where the public is paying the price corporations are paying the price and they're only going to pay the price for so long word you know the truth is powerful weapon is will eventually get out and win where it gets out you're gonna she's the biggest transformations in the history of computer we needed easiest way.

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