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Think Maximum I'd like to. See it I love that. Bless your heart if any You, know, that she, would be irresistible I'm. Saying she's she's she she is so smart we should go on a tour of. All the shows, that are. On this network just go. Beyond let's, go, let's go business. Of yours you. Go ooh How would, you go about doing that. By the, way How would you how would? We do if we want to be? On the other Okay Anthony's, again we could Skype the Holiday Inn quality would love us in her. Kids we've already met anybody who those two girls on the coffee with American show on that. Show I would love to throw down with cannabis in the Paula Deen recipe KOMO Paula Deen Your heart and then and then the cooking show and then the look at the AUSSIE And. What's his name from the animal world Oh, he's not Australia, Jackie and Hanna Barbera. No the other. Guy he's the cartoonist Flintstone God is good I'm. Just telling you Reason. We're talking about whites For the low low price. Of three joined the. White you can watch the you can watch us. Every day if you don't if you're if you're, not parked on the couch you could actually watch, us from your mobile device, your your television, and home or your your you, know your computer screen club all. The stuff also TV clubs. Remember we're onto television networks, we're on you to America and. We're also on biz, TV, so biz TV club Jared, pull? That. Up for us please yes Special announcement that. We might be on the. Weekends.

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