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And morning glory america it's hugh hewitt on a very grim tuesday morning the scale of the disaster in south texas end with youth canarian galveston ah saw meant it's hard to actually communicate it and so i try and go local and small i just posted up a picture of for example the our lady chapel chaining nations of oil a catholic church on cyprus would drive in spring texas completely flooded just completely flooded and i imagine every building maria's i'm joined by vernon be is the managing editor of the houston chronicle his twitter handled at low belo he be so you want to follow him for an thanks for finding some time and getting up early you must be exhausted yeah well we're heading in the game four l went up by the rain no end in sight so uh yeah if nothing heavier newsrooms remained functioning last night nbc's set began to flood i began to think about the news room than i do i don't know what happened at the houston crime got short it out or anything like that you know fortunately were on the fourth floor building and so are where around on high ground were were still going strong and we had a law however we were having a hard time delivering newspapers look or on the roads are fighting it out but in our website is shattering you know all of our traffic record you know people come to our to try to figure out what's going on what do you hear a mere when you're okay and yet what what are you hear from your team how many reporters jab in the field i meet people and their families what kind of story g here every single minute of every hour yeah well we we have about two hundred editorial employee and they're all working on this storm i couple of days ago i put out a full activation email to the steptoe everybody working on it you know it down uh yesterday i think there was something like eight thousand high water for the instant egypt pico literally i'm going to break into that replay and i'm joined now by texas senator ted cruz senator crews good morning thanks for joining us i was just talking with vernon low from last hour replaying at it.

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